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  • Zhou Lang-Heng Dao Wan Li Xing
    Mo Zhi Bai Tong "Left hand or right hand" When Zheng yuanzhang recalled what he had said he suddenly stopped and said with a wry smile "I don't remember" There was a buzz in the crowd The shadow of doubt is getting thicker and thicker They have disbelieved the young man's confession Zheng yuan really doesn't remember this time Mo Zhibai's eyes flashed a smile and his voice was much more gentle...
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  • I heard someone wants to support me.
    Jing Xiuzhu threw him a pan turned around and stepped up the stairs to go upstairs As soon as he heard the character's footsteps stop a slightly hoarse laugh came from his headphones "Baby if I give you a gun we can only die for love Are you serious" Ning Jianjing was suddenly stupefied Before he could recover from this sentence Jing Xiuzhu had already manipulated the character to run upstairs...
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  • Go back to the 70th home to be a military wife.
    The palm of the hand pressed the position of the chest the hot male breath spread through the skin Shen Zixia's cheeks were hot and red but was teased by Han Linzheng she was cheeky to reply "This figure practice is not enough this muscle is not enough" Said the hand is still in that fierce pinch By the soft boneless little hand so a pinch the other side or their own heart of the little girl...
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  • Xuan Tianyi
    Like helpless lambs the four were placed in the middle of the open space surrounded by all the sects in one corner Hu Yanba stepped into the arena and said "Please come out to discuss with the leaders of various factions leaders or leaders" As soon as he finished Shaolin Master Huixing Wudang Chi Songzi Emei Master Jingyuan Abbess Kunlun Master Xia Qinghe Beggars' Sect Leader Xiang Zhukang...
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  • Collected Works of Shen Cong-Novels Volume 3
    "They're looking for you to have a female reunion Go!" The girl said "I won't go I'll talk to Miss Yu first" "No Miss Yu said no All of us have to discuss something important" "I won't discuss anything Miss Yu knows me!"! I said clearly why should I go again "I don't know She asked me to come" "I beg you to say that I have to do something to come to my brother and I can't come to the meeting"...
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  • Ode to chivalrous bones
    The black-clad and masked man who had been called Laoliu turned around When he heard this he turned back and shouted "What do you mean Xiao" Xiao Hanqiu smiled indifferently and said "It's very simple No one in the world can solve this technique except me If an acupoint in the right time can't be solved he will die of hemoptysis That's all!" The masked man in black who was called Laoliu...
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