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  • Cover the sky
    He does not want to fight although there is half a Yakuza soldier in hand but after all is not perfect and urge up will definitely suck him dry There is no master style there is no heroic spirit he swallows the lid of the magic jar to protect his body and runs wildly The saint was all skin and bones and his flesh and blood were dried up but the life from the outside was horrible and frightening...
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  • Li Liang-Hidden Weapon Master
    It was not until the evening that the two men returned to the suburbs near the capital Tang Xiaoshan deliberately hid mingled with the crowd of officials and walked into the capital He immediately rushed to Dajizhuang The gate was destroyed and now it was only separated by wooden boards Swept into the inside all the sword-refining furnaces were extinguished not a single employee...
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  • Shen Huang
    Wei Xu's idea at this time also through the sky instead of him presided over the common people's sword array So that day the meaning of Dao Jian became more and more powerful Chong Ling four directions this side of the void are torn to pieces In front of Zong Shou's eyes the originally flawless forbidden law finally appeared a flaw He was also not polite and continued to take a step up to the...
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  • Recommend [Xuanhuan] Tianjiao Zhan Ji (Male Frequency)
    Lin Xun who has already honed his combat experience is naturally able to capture this imperceptible detail Hateful! How dare you go against us little man You don't want to live "Don't think that with the help of a strong man in the cave you can be lawless You are playing with fire!" On the ground Xiao Fengru Shi Zhan and Chang Ziheng looked angry and roared loudly They were forced...
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  • Devour the soul against the sky
    In the accumulation of nearly ten thousand years the Holy See itself has reached a terrible level This is not surprising a force that can be passed down for thousands of years and now the Holy See is still firmly occupying the position of the first force in the mainland which in itself is an absolutely extraordinary thing In the past ten thousand years there have been numerous overbearing...
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  • Midnight Hades Marriage: The Ghost Husband Is Cute [End + Side Story]
    He said "It is said that one person does not serve two masters and one person does not serve two masters You are a descendant of the Su family and you worship the spirit at the same time You have made a big mistake in Xuanmen" Qin Shou doesn't say it's okay As soon as I said this I said with a wry smile "Can I say that I am not a descendant of the Su family" "You're not" Qin Shou slightly...
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