If there is one thing that players of Lost Ark have figured out by this point, it is how much more of a grind the game becomes once players unlock tier three gear. This is something that players of Lost Ark have likely realized by this point. It's common for the significant slowdown in the accumulation of gear scores to serve as a major source of demoralization for players. On the other hand, this is the point in Lost Ark where the survival skills you've been honing throughout the game become extremely useful.
utplay.comIt is likely that you have interacted with some of the game's features, such as logging, mining, and gathering, while you have been following the story quests up to this point. I won't go into detail about these things because I want to concentrate on the three specialized life skills of fishing, hunting, and digging.


Why should one put in the effort to improve their life skills?


The pursuit of life skills in Lost Ark can result in many benefits, which can be broken down into three categories: profitability, utility, and efficiency. Specifically, the benefits can be broken down as follows: profitability, utility, and efficiency. Earnings from life skills can be put up for sale on the market in exchange for gold, which can then be used for a variety of purposes, such as buying crystals for Mari's Shop. Gold can also be used to buy other items in the game. The harvests can also be utilized in the production of useful items such as foods, components for Oreha fusion, and crafting materials for life skills. At the very end of the game, life skills are utilized not only as secondary but also as tertiary methods to support the process of upgrading one's equipment. As a result of this, it is preferable for them to be dealt with as quickly as is humanly possible. The shorter the amount of time, the better. The following list of life skills will each have their own set of benefits and drawbacks, which will be evaluated with reference to the criteria that were discussed earlier.


Trying one's luck with fishing lures


  1. Fishing is a good way to gather the necessary components for Oreha fusion as well as food

  2. When you are fishing, you have the advantage of not being able to be challenged by other players or disrupted by enemy attacks

  3. This is because fishing is a solitary activity

  4. One of the many advantages of going fishing is this

  5. Fishing is the least efficient of the three life skills when it comes to depleting the life skill gauge, but the benefits it provides more than make up for its lack of efficiency in this regard

  6. In addition to this, when compared to the other two possibilities, it has the lowest rate of success in terms of profitability


Hunting is an activity that, in many ways, can be compared to fishing and digging. It falls somewhere in the middle of the two. Hunting can net you ingredients for Oreha fusion as well as food for you and your party. When you go hunting, as opposed to fishing, you can pursue different levels of game, each of which gives you a greater chance of gathering meat of a higher rarity than the previous level. The extremely high price at which these rare meats can be purchased on the market can be attributed to the fact that they are required components in a variety of challenging culinary recipes. When you reach level 30, this life skill becomes significantly more useful because you have the opportunity to unlock secret maps to dungeons that contain tier three game. These dungeons are only accessible to players with a certain level of experience. In this area, it is possible to rapidly deplete the life skill gauge, and when you leave, you will have an abundance of bounty.

Digging holes

On paper, digging is the life skill that is most objectively best to pursue, so that's what we'll focus on here. You can also use these materials for crafting with your life skills, in addition to the Oreha fusion process. It is the one that depletes the life skill gauge the quickest out of the three, but it also provides the highest yields for successfully completing the mini-game (it can give you up to eight times the reward that was initially offered). However, due to the fact that this is the case, I find it difficult to recommend that excavation take place. This is one of the reasons why. Due to the incredible success of the game, there will be intense competition among players at all times for control of the ruins. The fact that it is absolutely necessary to concentrate on tier three areas in order to obtain the highest yields causes the competitions to be a great deal more difficult than they would otherwise be. Even though there is always the possibility of performing the activity in the wee hours of the morning, doing so goes against the principles of leading a healthy way of life.

The Main Operating Mechanism

At the beginning of the battle, Argos gives one of the combatants the Moon status, and he gives the other combatant the Sun status. These conditions do not have any impact on the players themselves, but they are required in order to successfully defend against the vast majority of his attacks. If the player interacts with attacks that imbue the same element as their current status, then the player is immune to attacks that are imbued with the same element as their status. On the other hand, attacks that are contrary to a player's status element will deal devastating damage and almost certainly result in the player's instantaneous demise.

Destruction of a Single Layer Explosion

Argos is currently channeling energy in order to prepare an attack that will encircle his body. Those who should disengage from the fight will be indicated by the color of the circle, and those who can stay around him to continue attacking will be indicated by those who can stay around him.

Argos Is Responsible for the Birth of Four OrbsArgos is responsible for the birth of four orbs.

Players whose colors are identical to those of the orbs are required to claim one of them for themselves. When more than one is taken, the person who committed the act will be held accountable and face severe consequences. If the orbs are not removed in time, each one of them will detonate, dealing significant damage to the entire team. If the orbs are removed in time, they will not detonate.

The Explosion Occurred on Two Separate Levels

Because of the two different sets of rings that are encircling Argos's body, he possesses the ability to channel an attack. The rings are each denoted by a distinct hue in this metaphor. It is permissible for the players whose colors correspond to those of the inner ring to continue dealing damage, whereas the players whose colors correspond to those of the outer ring are required to stay inside the designated ring at all times.

Stagger Attack

After Argos has fully recovered from being stunned, he will always continue his previous attack with another double layer explosion once he is ready to fight again. On this particular occasion, the Sun will always be located within the inner ring, and the Moon will always be located within the outer ring. Neither of these two celestial bodies will ever leave their respective rings.

Attacks on the Respiratory System

After finishing his channeling, Argos will launch an attack that covers a significant portion of the surrounding area. Players who do not have the same color as the attack will constantly find that they are out of breath because of it. Should the player reach the point where they are completely out of breath, a loss of fifty percent of their current health points will occur.

Big Pizza Pattern

Argos is capable of simultaneously launching two or three attacks in any direction by utilizing eight cones that are arranged in a pattern that alternates. It is imperative that you maintain the same color throughout the entirety of the fight; failing to do so will result in an immediate and certain death.

Arrangement in Terms of Positioning

Argos produces eight distinct regions all around himself, very similarly to how the Gate of Paradise Abyss Dungeon does it. The four that are in the center will have a coloring similar to that of the Moon, while the ones that are on the outside will have a coloring similar to that of the Sun. To put an end to the eradication attack, all of the players need to coordinate their actions with one another and determine the roles they will play in the game. Keep in mind that there is only room for one person in each section of the building.