The bright light in the eyes of the fire butterfly flashed "You finally appeared" "You knew I'd show up didn't you" Because he could never let her face things alone Of course it's like I know you'll never leave me alone "As if I were the one who was left behind!" The man raised his eyebrows slightly and said Butterfly who is this Jiwuxue asked in surprise finding that the man was really comparable to her brother who was equally charming and had a clean and pure temperament It's a pity that his brother's purity is really cold and there are few things that make his emotions rise and fall which makes people doubt whether he has feelings My brother The fire butterfly took one look at the fire wire nail machine manufacturers Yao Si and lazily opened his mouth to introduce it Your brother No how can brother and sister be so different Are you sure you are brother and sister How can your temperament be so different I thought it was a poor man who suffered from your evil claws again Darling if the younger sister is a witch from hell then the elder brother is a high banished immortal so that people only dare to watch from a distance and dare not play near for fear of tarnishing his sanctity

(Author You seem to forget that you are the same) Snow Oh but my brother can't be a fairy At most he is a big devil dressed in fairy feather clothes "I'm thinking about that too Maybe we're not really brother and sister are we" A Si The whole person hung on his body and the fire butterfly asked delicately If you don't want to be brother and sister we're not Rubbing the top of her head he said in a spoiled way As for this problem he will solve it because he has found something that is he has not crossed over before things before do not care if the girl does not want this heavy relationship he will let it disappear Jiwuxue was about to say something but was interrupted by a burst of applause below It turned out that the performance of the two sisters was over

Without waiting for Longyu to speak Liu Li stood up with a triumphant smile bowed and then said in her soft and charming voice Thank you for your support to our two sisters Now let's welcome the empress to bring us her wonderful performance! A haughty expression that victory was already in sight made Jiwuxue look stuffy What The guy who doesn't know how to measure herself butterfly beat her all over the ground to find her teeth At this level she dares to make a fool of herself She really feels too good about herself Said Jiewuxue in contempt You're so excited The fire butterfly smiled with a look of indifference I just can't see those two pretentious women who are so arrogant after killing people Pouted discontentedly It seems that some people have killed a lot of people but she has not been restrained "Well don't compare their mean taste with that of this young lady I'm bad enough to have style" She's always doing bad things fair and square and she's never sneaking around like them and framing people Yes Nail Making Machine manufacturers Miss Style I'll trouble you with the following accompaniment "Now I know my importance" Ji Wuxue raised his head proudly "

The butterfly shook her head and smiled helplessly She shoved the harp into her arms and pushed it out when she was defenseless" Ah Fire Butterfly you're playing dirty tricks Hurriedly in midair to stabilize the body not to let oneself fall too ugly in her fall at the same time a piece of red cloth fell from the sky covered her figure when the red cloth rose again people saw a piece of white gauze behind a faint figure sitting there according to the figure judgment should be a graceful woman Hands up and down the sound of the harp sounded people were immediately attracted by the wonderful sound of the harp if just Liu Li's harp is the most beautiful sound in the world then the sound at this time is from the distant fairyland does not belong to the immortal music Gripping and captivating It's easy to get lost in it At the same time another sound of the flute came forming a perfect duet with the sound of the harp The sound of the flute that was added later was not covered by the sound at all The two complemented each other just like two dragons flying into the sky The cooperation was perfect and neither of them covered up the light of the other

At the same time when the flute sounded the sky began to rain petals and the fragrance of flowers filled the whole stadium making people feel like they were in a fairyland unable to tell whether it was a reality or a dream Two pure white figures floated out of the petals one playing the flute the other playing the lute and the sound of the lute came to my ears which was another kind of situation Nail machine manufacturer like a demon like a dream like a dream Floating two people intertwined in midair entangled entangled like two infatuated lovers white ribbon so that two people tightly entangled together The man's elegant temperament his stature is tall white clothes are better than snow his long black hair is freely scattered on his shoulders a silver mask covers most of his face adding a mysterious atmosphere to him a white jade flute in his hand leaning on his lips playing a wonderful note

The clothes are graceful like a jade tree facing the wind and like a banished immortal coming down to earth as handsome as a celestial being The woman is dressed in a white'Hundred Flowers Neon Dance Clothes' beautiful like a hundred flowers fairy down to earth elegant black hair without any bondage wearing a hundred flowers feather crown on her head It is said that this pair of equipment is the fairy clothes left by the flower fairies in the world It is made of silks and satins woven from the stems of flowers and then soaked in flowers for ninety-nine and eighty-one days The clothes themselves have a strange fragrance of flowers although the dancing fragrance will be more intense Dressed in a white veil the woman covered the lower half of her face but her stunning appearance was faintly visible which fascinated people A red lotus like fire on her forehead seemed to open in an instant with a charming magic breath which added a magic charm to her elegant and refined mysterious breath It is indeed more charming people can not move away from the line of sight the sound of the lute in the long and perfect fingers issued a burst of intoxicating sound two people in the air at the same time the flow in the eyes of two people's deep love people can not help but melt in it like a pair of entangled Mandarin ducks tangled together white silk ribbon tightly wrapped around the body of two people The flowers swirled around