This is because knowing one's face but not one's heart when there are many people and many people it is inevitable that some people will be secretly bribed by the'Invincible Fort 'At the same time if the'Invincible Fort' side inquires about the situation at that time in the future there will also be a reasonable and unanimous explanation As a result their performance in the water battle was extremely lifelike and wonderful which made the onlookers dumbfounded and speechless After more than ten rounds of fighting Xing Wujiu could not help saying "My good nephew I thought it was a bit too much to spread the story of you in Jianghu recently" I totally believed it Lu Zhengying said "Uncle Xing won the prize In fact as far as the current situation in the martial arts world is concerned my little nephew has not yet got started with this achievement"

"That's not bad" said Xing Wujiu "In the future you'll have to learn more kungfu under your master" "Yes my nephew" said Lu Cheng-ying "By the way when Uncle Liu passed by here we had a conversation and talked about you too" Just then a clear voice came from a shuttle-shaped speedboat saying "Tell me Coil Nail Making Machine Lord of the Stronghold Si Xianggong has woken up" Xing Wujiu raised his voice and replied "Send him to the ship quickly so that he can rest" The man on the speedboat said "Stronghold Leader no way!"! Above the ship There is also a very powerful enemy "Then let him rest in the boat" said Xing Wujiu! We'll be right with you 。” Lu Zhengying burst out laughing and said "Xing don't dream about the Spring and Autumn Period Lie down and rest for a while" Xing Wujiu shouted angrily "Fart!" Then he said with True Qi "We can't delay any longer Let's go underwater" "Come down old man" Lu Zhengying shouted With these words the two men sank into the water almost at the same time leaving only a string of water bags on the surface of the water At this moment however the beautiful woman in Tsing Yi said to the man on the shuttle boat "Hi" Send Si Danian up! The man on the speedboat sneered "Why should I listen to you"

The beautiful woman in Tsing Yi said in a deep voice "Send him up I won't hurt him" The person on speedboat laughs "Have ability you come down by yourself! You come down by yourself!" The beautiful woman in Tsing Yi said with a smile "Do you think this little distance can help me" With a crash Lu Zhengying emerged from the water Holding Xing Wujiu in his hands he burst out laughing and said "The white strips in the waves have turned into loaches" As soon as the faces of all the people in the Xiangjiang Water Stronghold changed Lv Zhengying said in a loud voice "Senior please take over this fellow" With the voice he conveniently threw Xing Wugui's huge body onto the ship

After the beautiful woman in Tsing Yi caught Xing Wujiu she immediately raised her voice and said "Zhengying throw Si Danian up too" Lu Zhengying raised his voice and asked "Where is Si Danian" The beautiful woman in Tsing Yi raised her hand and said "It's on the boat five feet in front of you on the right" . Before she had finished speaking Lu Zhengying rushed to the boat This instantaneous change for the people on the Xiangjiang River is really too unexpected Coil nail machine too fast so fast that they have no time to react Let's take the people on the boat for example "It wasn't until they saw Lu Cheng-ying rushing toward them that as if waking up from a dream they turned the boat around and prepared to sail downstream" But Lu Cheng-ying was so skillful that as soon as the boat started he jumped on it and grabbed the man with his chest in his pocket "You must be sensible my friend" he shouted in a deep voice

The man hurriedly begged in a plaintive voice "Mr Lu spare my life There is still a 70-year-old mother at home" "I won't kill you" said Lu Cheng-ying with a smile "Sail the boat down to the boat" "Yes yes" said the man respectfully At this time the leaders and minions of the Xiangjiang Water Stronghold on the boat Seeing that their Stronghold Leader had been made in the hands of a beautiful woman in Tsing Yi they shouted together and surrounded him regardless of their own safety Under the gaze of the beautiful woman in Tsing Yi she couldn't help thinking to herself "It's true that thieves also have a way these water thieves are quite loyal which proves that this Xing Wujiu is very loved by his subordinates A bloody man like this is worth fighting for"

” She was thinking about the telegram but she shouted in a deep voice "You all stay where you are You Lord of the Stronghold are just being controlled by the acupoint Neither I nor Mr Lu have any intention of hurting him" Before he had finished speaking Lu Zhengying's voice came from the river "Senior press this" It turned out that Si Danian was also thrown up by Lu Zhengying The beautiful woman in Tsing Yi had no choice but to spare one hand and take Si Danian down and lay him flat on the deck As soon as the figure flashed Lu Zhengying who was Nail machine supplier all wet with water also went up to the deck He waved to the ringleaders who surrounded him and said "Stand back a little I want to say a few words to your Stronghold Leader" Although the people of the Xiangjiang Water Stronghold were surprised and uncertain they had no choice but to retreat as they were told One of them said in a deep voice "Master Lu I hope you will keep your promise and not hurt our Stronghold Leader and Si

Xianggong Otherwise even if we know we are defeated we will have to fight to the death" "Don't worry my friend" said Lu Zhengying with a smile "I won't hurt a hair on your stockade leader's head" Then he raised his finger in the air and untied the acupoints of Xing Wujiu and Si Danian "It's really impolite" he asked with a smile "Get up you two!" Xing Wujiu straightened up and sat up Si Danian had just drowned himself to death and had not yet taken a good breath He had earned a long time before he could barely sit up Lu Zhengying answered with a smile "Lord Xing I don't think you should do that But you two have to give me a favor" "How do you apply the Convenient Dharma" He asked "It's very simple" said Lu Zhengying "Just lend me this ship and give me a ride" "No" said the beautiful woman in Tsing Yi! As soon as he opens the blockade Let's take our own boat Lu Zhengying echoed "Yes!"! That's the way to do it 。” "As I said just now Master Lu" said Xing Wugui with a wry smile "the old man is not in charge at the moment" Lu Zhengying looked at Si Danian and asked "What do you say Si Danian" Si Danian sneered and said nothing The beautiful woman in Tsing Yi had already seen that Si Danian was in a state of silence She was ready to make a sudden attack At that moment she sneered "You boy don't move your mind!"