"Who wants you to see it" Chu Hui sat down on the sofa and took out the master's posture just short of directing Mingshu to serve tea Of course he wouldn't dare He was afraid of being killed Have a meal together at noon "Do you mind Miss Wei" Asked Chu Han Have a good meal! "I don't mind" Chu stared back at Mingshu Who wants to eat with him! Mingshu is smiling Chu Hui "" Hum! Today many shops outside are not open so Chu Han proposed to do it himself knowing that Mingshu can't cook and that his brother who doesn't touch the spring water with his fingers is not expected So Chu Han can only go by himself Chu Han went out to buy food back the supermarket is closed the ingredients are not wire nail making machine many can only be simple Chu back to see Mingshu smiling to see the baby like Chu Han the whole person is not good He used to rob Chu Han's things now Chu Han is not want to revenge back His wife is his! Without a door Chu Hui stood directly in front of Ming Shu Look at me look at me look at me! Mingshu "… …"

Chapter 1044 Wei Ran Hui Feng (22) Chu Han's craftsmanship is very good Ming Shu would like to return for Chu Han But think about the scene of Chu Hui crying making trouble and hanging himself Mingshu silently flapped the idea away Let's eat takeout in the future My parents used to be too busy to take care of us I didn't like what the nanny did at home so I went to school for a while Chu Han's tone is light Your family is very rich Mingshu suddenly asked Chu Han paused "Well I have a little asset" "Then why can't you write" Asked Mingshu Chu Han "" Why do you just take things too hard to write Chu Hui also looked at Mingshu Mingshu shrugged his shoulders "It's hard to get ahead in this line" Entry requirements are low and competition is high but how many people really stand on the pyramid of this industry "Actually" said Chu Han Chu Hui kicked Chu Han under the table and Chu Han turned his head "For the dream" Mingshu looked up and smiled "Dreams are supported by money" Chu Han "" Then no one spoke again and a table of dishes was almost done by Mingshu alone Because Mingshu is good at eating slow elegant and dignified Chu Han did not feel uncomfortable Chu family relatives are also many Chu Hui ignore Chu Han can not ignore he has to go after dinner When he left he asked Chu to send him back Chu Hui was a little reluctant but he still sent Chu Han out While waiting for the elevator

Chu Han asked him "Xiao Hui why didn't you tell her" Chu Hui looked down at the pattern on the ground "There's nothing to say" Chu Han "Then how do you tell her what you do" Chu Hui "" Make it up when she asks Chu Han Iron Nail Making Machine "Xiao Hui this matter is not shameful she will always know" It's not good for you to hide it from her like this Chu Hui "Verbose Goodbye" Chu Hui pushed Chu Han into the elevator turned around and slipped away Chu Hui stood in the doorway for a long time before he opened the door and went in Mingshu is taking pictures of Jin yuanbao and sending a scarf This is the only fun she has every day and she is not tired of it Chu Hui hung his head and changed his shoes walked behind Mingshu and glanced at her cell phone Just sweep to the words of stewed bastard The corners of his mouth twitched I knew she wasn't playing a normal bastard How long have you and your brother been talking to each other Mingshu suddenly made a sound

Wife I have something to say to you "Say it" said Mingshu as he brushed Weibo Chu Hui frowned "I" Mingshu brushed for a while but Chu Hui didn't tell me why Mingshu looked askance Chu Hui suddenly got up and went into the bedroom After a moment he came out and turned on the computer After a while of operation he turned to Mingshu The computer page is the home page of the silver fish and below is the portfolio Mingshu glanced "What's the matter" Chu Hui pointed to the computer and pointed to himself "Me" "Well so" You Aren't you surprised What's your reaction Hey! Mingshu's eyes were shining brightly "Is the whale delicious" “……” Fuck off! Chu Hui pursed his lower lip and said after a moment "Do you think I'm strange" He is a man but he writes about the love and hatred that girls like

Mingshu got up and pressed the boy on the sofa She kissed him for a while until the boy was out of breath She bent her eyebrows and scraped the bridge of his nose "Don't think about it all day" Chu Hui saw the spoiling and softness in her eyes nail manufacturing machine He opened his lips choked the syllables in his throat and swallowed them with a whimper Being kissed in a daze Chu Hui heard her murmur It doesn't matter who you are it's you Mingshu this sentence is a bit of a mouthful Chu back for a long time after want to come are not very clear Chu Hui doesn't remember who started the fight that day I only remember that when I merged with her every nerve seemed to tremble and make noise Like her Possess her She's proof that you're alive She is the principle of your survival The first day of the Lunar New Year A wasted day - As soon as the Spring Festival is over the lazy world seems to be running again Mingshu was away from home all day and Chu Hui was so angry that he caught people crying The contract of

Mingshu website expires and the contract is formally terminated But it should be Chu Han said hello before the website has resumed her recommendation but also to find someone to say and let her continue to sign Mingshu a big man who wanted to change his career at any time and anywhere of course refused Mingshu took the copyright back and his contact sold the copyright When I signed the contract I met Lin Yuxin in the other company Coincidentally Lin Yuxin also sold the copyright Mingshu looked at her with a half-smile Copyright has little to do with the author's own reputation As long as your book is popular enough you don't have to worry about selling the copyright Even though Lin Yuxin's character setting collapsed she was still soft and weak outside "Weiran senior" "Are you with the sunset Yangtze River" Mingshu said without thinking Lin Yuxin was stupefied "Senior Weiran this is my private affair" 。 3shardware.com