When Dugu heard Yunqing say this instead of being annoyed he burst out laughing and said approvingly "Yes yes I dare to bully the State of Qin How can I not want them to look good" "The cloud sees alone lightly also does not hesitate to admit at that moment turns the head the facial expression is light to stretch out the finger to play the string sends out a thump" The last place where your mother-in-law appeared was in the district city which is very close to Yan In the sound of a thump Dugu leaned back in his chair and looked at Yunqing with an evil smile He is not threatening her the list since the cloud light to him one thing to one thing then he promised to do things for her this matter no longer has the capital to talk about he will not force he is just tempting her Sure enough the cloud lightly listened to Dugujue mention her mother-in-law Nail Making Machine manufacturers can not help frowning mother-in-law finally disappeared in the district city it is difficult for mother-in-law to go to Yan so Dugujue here just a little news can not be found a thought cloud lightly moved OK Faint a word cloud light to the sonorous and forceful crisp extremely Dugujue knew that Yunqing would go with him This mother-in-law was too important in Yunqing's mind But now that Yunqing had agreed so simply she felt very uncomfortable for a moment

She was really not very happy A burst of evil fire came out and her face sank with an evil smile Her anger was inexplicable When are you leaving The cloud glanced at the lonely man who had sunk his face The man's expression was still clear for a while At this time it was cloudy and overcast It was simply unreasonable He could not help turning his head and looking at Chu Yun and asking I'll leave tomorrow Chu Yun also saw the face of Dugujue then rubbed his brows and coughed softly toward the cloud The cloud nodded lightly stood up and picked up the guqin whistled back to the sable turned around and left leaving behind the gloomy face of loneliness ignoring Chu Yun Mo Yin Mo Li see this three people look at each other Qi Qi when did not see bow leaving only a lonely livid face staring at the light back of the cloud Chapter 28 seduction Things came suddenly in the expectation of those who are interested in the expectation of those who are not interested in view of this is a major event the drama of what flowers and lakes were thrown aside the second day alone with a light cloud called escort actually escorting the princess in Yan and other lines toward Yan

At the same time the emissaries of several other countries also took a series of leave to return home marriage is not the first or the second now the wind and rain are coming hurriedly return home to discuss countermeasures is the right way the king of Qin alone also did not stay each sent home More than ten days in a row in a hurry not to mention anything else a lonely line of people not slow came to the border between Qin and Yan The state of Yan was the closest to the capital of the state of Qin but over the years the state of Qin had sent troops several times but only attacked the States of Wei and Zhao which were close to their territory but relatively far away and rarely attacked Yan Not other Automatic Nail Making Machine but Yan and Qin are separated by a natural barrier an emerald mountain range runs through the entire territory of Yan if seen from the sky almost a huge stretch of hundreds of thousands of miles of mountains the entire territory of Wei almost surrounded in the inside looks like a wall enclosure in general The Emerald Mountains are almost all natural barriers with strange peaks and steep mountains There are many ferocious animals in the mountains which are easy to defend and difficult to attack It is impossible for Yan to expand its territory

With this natural barrier to protect itself it is not very difficult So it is as powerful as Qin and it can't bite down this piece of fat meat It can only sigh at the ocean and figure it out secretly This day alone lead three hundred soldiers through the emerald mountains although the strength of the two countries cut out a passage used for daily but it is a little steep The tall trees blocked out the sun and the rugged mountains and rocks made us walk through the forest We did not feel the heat of summer but felt gloomy and cool At noon the sun shone directly down but through the treetops it only shed a little golden light In the late afternoon the light in the forest was completely dim almost as dark as the night on the plain Dugu Jue chose a place near the river a slightly flatter place to stay down the cross section of the Emerald Mountains is afraid to have hundreds of miles not in a hurry

Inside the makeshift tent Chu Yun frowned at the sitting Dugu Jue and said "Wang Ye this place is too flat If someone does it we will catch a turtle in a jar" Dugujue looked at the map of the Emerald Mountains on the scrolls in front of him and said without raising his head "No one will do it today" Chu Yun listened to what Dugu Jue said quite positively and could not help but raise his Automatic nail machine eyebrows and meditate Dugujue did not speak but studied the map He had fought in the State of Wei and entered the State of Zhao He had even intervened in the State of Chu which was separated from the state of Qin by the state of Wei However he had never been to Yan He was very interested in the Emerald Mountains which was rumored to be possible There was silence in the tent and Chu Yun clapped his hands and said "Yes this position is too close to the state of Qin If we can't kill all of us with one blow then we are definitely not the ones who suffer" When Dugujue heard Chu Yun say this he raised his head and nodded His strategist had a good brain He smiled coldly and said "So it's very safe now They haven't arranged everything well

If they can't give me a kill they won't shoot easily" With that the corners of his mouth were outlined and a trace of bloodlust emerged Wang Ye say "Wang Ye the princess asks for an interview" Chu Yun's words just started outside the tent Mo Li suddenly made a sound lifted the curtain and came in Chu Yun turned to look at Mo Li and frowned slightly "What did she do when she saw Wang Ye" She asked Intercede for her in the Kingdom of Yan Mo Li's face was serious but his eyes were mixed with a little snigger and he winked at Chu Yun As soon as Chu Yun saw Mo Li giving him a wink and a snigger in Mo Li's eyes he suddenly understood He could not help smiling faintly at the corners of his mouth He stood up and said "Now that the princess has asked to see me Mo Li and I will step down first" Say do not wait for the order of Dugujue and Mo Li very tacit understanding to go out of the tent Seeing a flash of light in his eyes he frowned slightly and put away the map of the Emerald Mountains in his hand 3shardware.com