But out of vigilance she is always paying attention to the outside world After several missions she is now very good at summing up some information hidden in the depths from a few words and scattered information Therefore Before many people could react Ye Zhiqiu noticed it She began to stock up on rice and oilcloth Lu Fanxiang could not understand her abnormal behavior but now the family has basically developed a habit This habit is that Tigress is in charge of big things and he and Lu Ruiwen are in charge of small things So looking at the two rooms full of all kinds of food and chewing they also sighed Spendthrift There are so many things to eat until the end of time

Ye Zhiqiu the prodigal son of the family continued to be a prodigal She not only prepared all the money she had earned from hunting and collecting herbs over the past two years but also prepared food dried vegetables and salted meat She also took all the items given by the teenager to the pawnshop and changed them into real gold and silver and then asked the family to go to various grain and oil shops every day to buy rice dried fruits dried vegetables and so on Under the High Speed Nail Making Machine arrangement of Ye Zhiqiu Lv Fanxiang and Lv Ruiwen witnessed the soaring prices They began to worry After less than three years of good times are we going to suffer again Seemingly overnight people in Hanjiang City found that the price of daily necessities doubled on weekdays Businessmen also brought a lot of bad news The disaster of each city is constant Rumors of floods earthquakes plagues and so on made the peaceful city of Hanjiang boiling The city of Cangzhou is also boiling People in a state of extreme panic gathered and they began to storm the closed city gates Lu Xiaoguo and Lu Xiaolian are close to their father mother and grandmother A plague just a few days a large family died leaving only five people They don't want to be trapped in the city to die

They need to get out of the city The guards guarding the city gate did not do their duty They don't want to stay in this city where death has come As a result the people who were confined to the city of Cangzhou and survived poured out Some of them spread in Jinyang City with latent viruses in their bodies A new round of epidemic broke out in other cities These things made the highest ruler in Panlong City very busy but now he was too busy to take care of himself Because the Cetian Box which had been circulating for thousands of years in Jinyang was opened The mysterious stone hidden inside makes the big families chase Nail production machine it crazily People's fanaticism for the legendary treasures in this world ignores the torrential rain in Panlong City in recent days There is a winding moat outside the city of Panlong Looking down from a high place it looks like there is a dragon in the center of the political rights of Jinyang This moat leads directly to the sea Although the rain is heavy the river runs to the distance very fast In their view it is impossible for Panlong City to have a flood because

Panlong City has been very safe for thousands of years () Chapter 153 39 troubled times Gu Yanjin stood under the eaves quietly watching the raindrops splashing on the ground The bloody storm set off by Cetian Box in Panlong City was beyond his expectation wire nail machine manufacturers just like the continuous rainstorm He felt the crisis Gu Yanjin realized that something was wrong and the wily Marquis Gu naturally realized it But it was too late The moat burst in the middle of the night when people were sleeping soundly Without the restraint of the river the river is like a runaway wild horse flooding everywhere Most of the people in Panlong City were buried in the sudden flood Gu Yanjin was lying awkwardly on a piece of wood which to be exact was the girder of a house He lay on the beam rising and falling with the flood peak and the place where his fingers touched was uneven as if carved with tiny lines

Gu Yanjin groped carefully and the fine lines under his hands gradually became clear It's a dragon pattern He smiled bitterly and the only place where the beams of the house could be carved with dragon patterns was the palace Who would have thought that Panlong City which has stood for thousands of years would be destroyed in a flood The whole state of Jinyang was frightened and after the shock it was a surprise People from all walks of life declared themselves king one after another and the war came as scheduled Ye Zhiqiu's whole person is in a mess This task is simply raising a baby is not simple and now to such a thing this is to make what kind of There are more and more refugees in Hanjiang City and the grain and oil shops in the city have stopped selling rice The doors of the big families are closed and the small families live carefully Ye Zhiqiu's family also closed their doors and lived their own life at home Lv Xiaoshu and Lv Xiaomiao have not gone to school

Being bored at home they began to take turns to teach the little one and the elder sister what they had learned in school every day Ye Zhiqiu is very interested in this Although all worlds come from the same source but after all the world is different the font is still somewhat poor literacy is better than illiteracy Xiaobai has not given up looking for the man in black who injured his boss Nail Making Machine price in recent years but unfortunately he has not found any information Ye Zhiqiu felt very strange but she could only hold back all her doubts Because her main task is to protect a few children grow up safely as long as the man in black no longer offends himself then she does not want to create complications But are these successive disasters really just coincidences Let's go back to the time before all the disasters Xiao Fu Chamber of Secrets Xiao

Kun was tormented by a headache and his strong body was now as withered as a candle in the wind He looked quietly at the box on the stone table The Xiao family has inherited the heirloom for more than a thousand years In the Panlong City of the Jinyang Kingdom he single-handedly operated and deliberately spread the Cetian Box which caused constant contention among the great families The Cetian box was just a fake and the real one had always been in his hands and had never left the secret room He reached out and took the stone of the box in his hand The oil lamp in the secret room is not bright but the stone is still emitting colorful brilliance Xiao Kun played with the stone There was a treasure in his hand but he could not find it and his heart was filled with vexation In order to open the box he labored for half a lifetime What's the use of having something that he can't figure out 3shardware.com