"What a ***ing luxury!" After taking a closer look at the building he was in Zhou Tian immediately sighed with emotion at that time in his heart It's not that Zhou Tian hasn't seen the world Zhou Tian is backed by the big bug of the system and he commands the whole seabed If you want to talk about wealth when words like "rich as a country" are used on Zhou Tian it will directly say that Zhou Tian is poor Not to mention that Zhou Tian has everything in his hands but if he really wants to talk about it Zhou Tian has never been short of anything However even with the wealth of Zhou Tian it was still given a town by the wealth of the Five Elements Clan What's the difference if it's not where Zhou Tian is now Just like other places of the Five Elements Clan the buildings in the place where Zhou Tian is located look like Just like other places it is also very monotonous and simple However it was such a monotonous and simple building that Zhou Tian was so jealous that his eyes were red All the materials of all the buildings are the immortal materials needed for forging immortals Most of the decorations on the buildings are mainly magic cores The god-level magic cores can only be used as lighting objects Most of the magic cores like holy ones are just inlaid on the floor Such a construction method no matter how simple and monotonous their building is Zhou Tian can't ignore it Although Zhou Tian is not short of Reiki at this time it does not mean that

Zhou Tian's Reiki is really a little too much Zhou Tian's Reiki at this time is enough to save but if you really want to spend it lavishly even if Zhou Tian's Reiki increases ten times it is estimated that it will still be out of stock in the end So seeing those five elements clan so rich Zhou Tian can't help but Investment casting parts rise to rob each other's mind Relax relax anyway Lao Tzu is their'Lord ' their things are not all mine relax a little can not let them see a joke After secretly muttering Zhou Tian quickly stabilized his state of mind and under the leadership of the five elements in front of him he stepped directly into the interior of the building where the other party led him Just like the outside there is nothing different inside the building of the Five Elements Clan In short it gives people a feeling of "emptiness" The interior of the whole building is empty although it is built very large but when you really enter it you can see its interior clearly at a glance And in the interior of that building Zhou Tian looked at it at a glance and saw a building in its depth at that time Altar Zhou Tian did not think that the Five Elements would build such a thing inside their own building but thinking about the purpose of the other party bringing him over Zhou Tian knew that most of the altar should have a lot to do with himself Sure enough die casting parts When an idea just flashed in Zhou Tian's mind the creature of the Five Elements Clan who led the way looked at Zhou Tian at that time and said respectfully "My God there is the altar of my clan" As long as you can go up to the altar to get the above token from now on you will be the'Lord 'of our clan and my five elements clan will follow your lead

Zhou Tian did not expect that things would progress to the end but there was still such a test It's just that Zhou Tian didn't think much about it at that time But instead showed a look of excitement Although Zhou Tian had already had a guess in his heart it was not until this time that the creature of the Five Elements Clan personally opened the mouth that he was sure of his idea As long as they can become the'Lord 'of the Five Elements Clan then Zhou Tian can completely command the Five Elements Clan after flashing such an idea in their hearts how can they not be excited Not only do most of the members of the Five Elements Clan have strong fighting power There is also a huge wealth in their family It can be said that as long as Zhou Tian can command the Five Elements Clan then the power in his hands can immediately turn up hundreds of times such a good thing even if it is clear that the final test of the Five Elements Clan is impossible to be simple Zhou Tian is still very difficult to choose to give up at that time Finally after gritting his teeth Zhou Tian strode toward the altar

Nothing could be seen from the distance when Zhou Tianzhen walked to the altar of the Five Elements Clan But I was really surprised at that time That altar is quite something Above the material the altar is almost all the top materials really want to use all the materials above the altar to make a magic weapon not to mention the treasure it is absolutely not a problem to forge a treasure of Zhenjiao And with those materials it is enough to see that the altar is extraordinary In fact there is more than one place where the altar is extraordinary Except die casting parts for the fact that the altar is the best in terms of materials The altar was covered with all kinds of formations not the magic formations in the present world It is a formation very similar to those oriental formations laid out by Zhou Tian although the function of those formations is not clear But

Zhou Tian can imagine according to the appearance of the altar at the moment if Zhou Tianzhen stepped on it then I really don't know what will happen Thinking of this Zhou Tian also wanted to get some hints from the creatures of the Five Elements However when Zhou Tian turned his head he suddenly found that the creatures of the Five Elements who had been with him at that time had already left at an unknown time In such a situation Zhou Tian wanted to ask something but could not find anyone to mention it Under such circumstances as soon as he gritted his teeth Zhou Tian stepped on the altar at that time regardless of the situation As Zhou Tian thought since the test is always a little difficult if there is no difficulty at all then the'Lord 'of the Five Elements Clan is too worthless When Zhou Tian stepped on the altar he only felt a shock and then when a huge force came Zhou Tian was directly shaken out at that time autoparts-dx.com