As soon as I heard him mention this I remembered it and said "How can I say it It's also possible I heard a story before It was said that a man went into an ancient tomb and found it magnificent like a palace There was a man drinking inside When the man saw him coming he not only invited him to drink but also gave him a belt" He drank several cups with the man and passed out in the tomb When he woke up he found himself lying on the edge of a dilapidated coffin The belt was a snake Isn't it a bit like what we have now Fatty says "Like a fart that his *** still has wine to drink at least we have water only how to compare with the family" As soon as I heard it I was a little hesitant to tell them about my third uncle The main reason was that there was no beginning or end to the matter It might involve a stuffy oil bottle I didn't know what his position was yet If he said something wrong it would be more troublesome After thinking about it I decided to pay attention to it and hide half of it The fat man was still sighing I asked them to sit down and say something about the third uncle The fat man kept interrupting I couldn't go on so

I had to say it more and more briefly Finally the fat man cursed "Smelly boy you ***ing know so much and don't say it It's hateful You see now you're in a half-dead situation!" The 12 needle valve stuffy oil bottle listened attentively At this time he grabbed me and asked "What did the third uncle say when he was unconscious" Say it again! I see his facial expression is so serious stammer "He what he says is' elevator '" ww wxIaoshuotxt。 com Volume 2 Nu Hai Qian Sha Chapter 23 continues to solve the puzzle T xt small say day don He got up and walked to the stone gate of the Terracotta Road He touched the door frame and said "This is indeed a mechanism and it's very simple It can only deceive children So your third uncle couldn't see it twenty years ago but he can find it twenty years later"

The fat man saw that he seemed to know something and said "Little brother if you know just say it quickly Don't keep me in suspense I'm so worried!" The stuffy oil bottle said "Let me give you an example You will understand as soon as you hear it If there is a two-story building with a room on each floor and you come out of the room on the second floor at this time I will build another floor under the first floor When you come back the room on the second floor is already on the third floor and the rooms on the first floor become the second floor" This example is actually not good the fat man listened inexplicably stretched out two fingers pondering there "One two two one one his mother's one two and three the more I say the more confused!"

I understood at once that what the third uncle said about the elevator actually meant this It seemed that when he first discovered the secret the first thing that came to his mind was this word needle valve manufacturer I sighed and felt a shock in my heart This was both unexpected and reasonable Moreover such a structure was not complicated It could only be regarded as a trick to deceive children Seeing that the fat man really couldn't understand I explained it to him again Then he understood Suddenly he lost interest and said "So that's it His mother is really simple I thought there was a bigger mystery in it So that's all" I secretly said that I was ashamed I was originally studying architecture this organ is entirely within the scope of architecture I actually did not notice really should review It seems that everything has to be simple The expression of the stuffy oil bottle did not relax After examining the door frame carefully he went over to look at the water in the spring and his actions It seemed that there was still something he had not figured out I asked him "Why there is still a problem" He nodded and said "There is a big contradiction between what the third uncle said and our experience I don't know if you have noticed it"

” I looked at him doubtfully In fact I also felt that the statement he had just put forward was a bit inappropriate but I couldn't think of where it was The stuffy oil bottle said "The third uncle was lying in this room and did not go out of the way No matter how the room went up and down he saw that it should still be this room How could it change" My heart is bright indeed he added "Moreover the ear chamber in the tomb has always been symmetrical can not be only one" According to reason there should be another room opposite us We walked into the road picked up the flashlight and shone it There was only a brick wall with sweat and white jade on the opposite side and there was no door The stuffy oil bottle ear was pressed against the wall Two fingers pressed the brick cracks and touched them bit by bit After touching them for more than ten minutes we came over and shook our heads It looked like a real brick wall The fat man waited impatiently He yawned and said "Don't worry about the ear chamber I haven't found the way out yet Even if I know what's going on I'll still die" What the fat man said was very reasonable I sighed wondering how the third uncle could escape twice

What method did he use He didn't have diving equipment when he came out the second time Could it be that he swam out of the tomb without holding his breath Among the things he has experienced there must be something I don't know but this old Youtiao just doesn't say third uncle third uncle do you know that your nephew may be killed at the bottom of the sea more than ten meters deep Both of them were silent as if they were thinking about the whole thing I also thought about it in my heart In fact there were only a few ways to get out of the tomb One was to go back the way we came Of course it was impossible unless our vital capacity could be the same as that of dolphins The second was to find the secret passage left by the craftsmen at the beginning This was a half-way way to prepare for the dry fight but in the sea fight I'm afraid it's not realistic either because the sunken ship buries the undersea tomb after the whole ship is repaired and then sinks to the bottom of the sea Even if a passage is used it must lead to the sea and this water becomes the most convenient medium to isolate Yin and Yang The third is the most stupid trick-dig out directly I looked up at Baoding only to see numerous bricks I could not help sighing It seemed that even if it could be dug it would be a huge project