The other two looked along his fingers and saw three dazzling rosy clouds coming quickly Zhang Zhen frowned slightly and said "This boy's skill is much better than before" Ren Ting laughed and said "Wait for the old man to meet him first!" The other three people have different personalities and their faces and hearts are usually against each other so today no one is willing to start first It's just that Ren Ting is a boor He earned the position of helmsman by his real skills and learning so whenever there is a major event he always goes to the front There was silence on the cliff and at the same time the atmosphere of tension was getting stronger and stronger Because they can see that people's martial arts are not inferior to any of the three people on their side The helmsman slowly took out a small silvery pipe filled it with tobacco opened the fire took a deep breath squinted and whispered "If necessary listen to me and put him down side by side" Zhang Zhen sneered and did not open his mouth Ren Ting's face showed a look of disapproval but it flashed away Lai Yiren snorted puffed out a big puff of smoke and squinted at him

Zhang Zhenyin Vagina "As a helmsman you probably don't have to cooperate with your brothers!" Ren Ting said with a smile "There there What did Zhang Helmsman say My brother just said that it was not necessarily so difficult for people to come" With the sound of a long roar the rays of the sun flashed and Wu Kai stood on the cliff He glanced coldly at the crowd and did not speak Zhang Zhen smiled and his eyes flashed green "You're so trustworthy Shaoxia Ou" he said with a smile Wu Kai snorted coldly and did not answer Pointing to Lai Yi-jen again Chang Chen said to Ren Ting "These two are the leaders of the Black Yin hydraulic fitting supplier Rudder and the Sky Yin Rudder" Lai Yi-jen breathed out a puff of smoke and shouted "It's too early Don't shrink away from him!" Wu Kai suddenly frowned and said "Where is Qiu Tianlang" Ren Ting snorted heavily and Hong Sheng said "It's easy to see the Sect Leader Let me think about how many shares you have first!"

With that he stepped out and stood seven feet in front of Wu Kai Wu Kai glanced around at the crowd and said coldly "Why are these people here" Ren Ting was furious and shouted "Boy next year today is the anniversary of your death!"! Look at the palm Shout out the palm wind has arrived Wu Kai saw that his palm was strong and powerful and his skill was not inferior to that of the two camels in Baimei Valley He could not help but feel a slight shock in his heart He stepped on the "Drunken Fairy" walking method and slipped by Ren Ting saw that his footwork was strange and he was frightened by his figure when he came just now so he carefully unfolded the Henan "Renjiapu" The secret of "Hundred Steps Magic Fist" This set of palms is famous for its strong and fierce and it is famous in Jianghu When Ren Ting used it it was really extraordinary I heard the wind of the fist and the figure ran quickly In an instant

I couldn't see the figure clearly Wu Kai's figure fluttered in the whirring wind of his fists He coped with it and said "Why don't you two go together so as not to say that I Ou Wukai haven't taken good care of you" When Ren Ting heard this the eldest brother was displeased He really tried to raise his full strength Hong shouted "Fight!" "Hoo" a punch when the chest hit In Wu Kai's heart the helmsman of the "Sky Thunder Gang" was really strong in martial arts Between dark feel the body disease turns dodged at the same time left hand one hydraulic fitting manufacturer disease point Ren Ting "temple" Ren Ting's right fist shrank his shoulders collapsed slightly and with a "whoosh" his left fist suddenly came out from under his right elbow and hit Wu Kai's "Qimen acupoint" The power of the fist has not yet arrived and the wind of the fist that can open the stone has already reached the body Wu Kai snorted to just strange heat "blood" quenching out right palm a Yang "the bottom of the elbow to see the hammer" is also a "whoosh" to punch quickly hit out Bang! With a loud noise Ren Tingdang's blood churned he stepped back and stood firm and beads of sweat as big as beans appeared on his bald head When the two fists were connected Wu Kai also shook his whole body and took a step backward Suddenly Zhang Zhen's dark voice sounded "I will never let you down Shaoxia" A wisp of Yin wind directly presses the "Mingmen point" of the vest At the same time a wind straight to the right side of the "shoulder well point" hit Startled Wu Kai hurriedly stopped leaning back kicked his right foot back with all his strength and his body swept out

Ren Ting hit him in the face with another punch Wu Kai is extremely angry Huodi short body progress side float eight feet body shape a change "blood light confused palm" spread out to three people will go up Lai Yi-jen with a small silvery pipe in his hand lit killed knocked hit split and stabbed his hands like the wind and his moves were spicy Specialize in vital points Zhang Zhen is a strange martial arts the body is like a ghost unpredictable if the martial arts is poor not three strokes will die tragically under his ghost Ren Ting's internal strength is vigorous the wind of the palm is strong and the style of fighting is hard Surrounded by three people they immediately showed their strengths and tried their best to attack In a flash Wu Kai was surrounded by a fist and a fighting pole Although Wu Kai was much more skillful at this time compared with the external helmsman of the Thunder Gang his victory was limited As soon as he was besieged and defeated if it weren't for the slippery footwork of the "Drunken Immortal" he would not be able to do it within two hundred strokes At the end of the battle I saw a strong wind whistling on the cliff with a group of red rays and rosy shadows turning rapidly Wu Kai felt that the pressure outside his body was getting heavier and heavier and if he did not meet the enemy with a bloody sword he would not be able to do it soon Under such circumstances I can't help thinking of the words of "Dry Bamboo Zen Master" " Qiu Tianlang practiced the'yuan yuan Demon Sutra 'hard and had achieved great success All over the world there were very few enemies He could not help sighing "

If I can't even defeat his helmsman how can I talk about revenge" Thinking of this the ambition is great a long roar long dry cloud table feet suddenly steep empty nine Zhangs body in the air a stack the whole body strength through the arms disease and Piao down Sea and Sky Wind and Cloud Pavilion School Sweeping wwwxiaoshuotxtcom Chapter 17 push down the cliff another disaster T × × xt × Xiao × Shuo × Tian × Tang Three people in the field to see so can not help but be surprised see Wu Kai quickly rushed down the strain was so fast so fast that it is incredible However three people are not ordinary people a flash of the body all coincidentally lift the gas through the strength whir repeatedly three different palm wind together to cover Wu Kai Boom! 。