When Zi Ling heard this she felt that her words were not congenial She straightened up looked up and said with a smile "Since Madam didn't want to why did she come to propose marriage at the beginning" Lady Wang Ru did not explain either "You haven't been formally hired yet" she said coldly "You still have time to regret it" Zi Ling is stupefied faintly some understand the meaning of the other side's so abrupt language See Zi Ling silent that Wang Qing Yun's birth mother dropped only one sentence "If you are a wise man you know what I mean" With a snort he turned away and left Ziling alone in the pavilion Zi Ling saw this lady Wang Ru leave heart In a fit of anger

Feeling more and more that this marriage was not a good match for him he began to regret that he had not considered it comprehensively and agreed very hastily As soon as Mrs Wang Ru 14 needle valve left Luo who was standing far away Er Niang came forward and asked "What did she say" Luo Er-niang also knew the temperament of Mrs Wang Ru and she was a strong man who did not want to lose and sometimes her words were not pleasant to hear Zi Ling forced a smile and pretended to be indifferent "Nothing" She asked But Luo Er-niang saw some ends frowned slightly and pulled her daughter in In the pavilion "Now that the Wangs' father and mother have agreed to the marriage what are you worried about" He whispered Zi Ling's eyes were red and she looked aggrieved "Mother" she said "I won't hide it from you either Now I'm still Did not enter the door He was pointed at the nose and said that his identity was not worthy of his son If she enters the door later she will become my elder and then I don't know what will happen Mother can you give up this marriage Luo Er-niang grabbed Zi Ling's hand and whispered "Don't say that"

Some silly words 。 If you don't settle the marriage then you will be selected into the palace and what should you do Without thinking Zi Ling Blurt out "Even if I am taken away from the palace Qiluo can always find a chance to leave the palace in the palace anyway" "What nonsense are you talking about Even if your adopted sister in the palace can take care of you for a while she can't protect you for a lifetime" It's good to be able to leave the palace smoothly but now you can't leave the palace What can you do Is it difficult to die of old age in the palace or in the palace Seeing Ziling's disapproving expression Luo Er-niang touched each other's forehead heavily with her finger "Even if you don't marry the Wangs if you marry someone else you can guarantee that everything goes well and everyone likes you" Zi Ling shook her head and whispered unwillingly "It's all right that others don't like me but my husband's biological mother doesn't like me so this day will be difficult" Luo Er-niang said with a smile "Put yourself in his shoes You should know that Lady Wang Ru has only one son No matter how much she doesn't like you if something happens she will protect you After all you are his son's wife"

Besides I don't believe that if my daughter tries to please people she won't succeed Zi Ling was a little more broad-minded and said coquettishly "Niang also thinks too much of me ball valve manufacturer You should know that once people have preconceived ideas it's very difficult to change them" "What are you afraid of Mrs Wang Ru is old and confused She wants to find a good Mount Tai for her son but she forgets that you have a good backer behind you but it is more direct than Mount Tai" "Mother wants me to pull the flag as a tiger skin" Zi Ling blinked but in her heart she had no desire for her future husband to be an official and naturally she would not help her husband to make progress Luo Er-niang said with a smile "Anyway you and Concubine Liu are sworn relatives Although the relationship has faded over the past few years I can see that your foster sister has you in her heart about your dowry" Zi Ling's words just now were just angry words which could not be taken seriously Now he had to pout and stop quarreling with Luo Er-niang At this time Luo Er-niang said with a smile "I've just left a little tired and now I'm just having a rest"

Qiu Xiang tugged at Zi Ling's sleeve with an unusual expression and whispered "There is a beautiful peony in front of us" Sister why don't you go and see "All the flowers in the garden are beautiful" said Zi Ling in surprise "It's very strange" Chou-heung stammered "Well" The peony is green "Oh" Seeing Qiu Xiang's strange expression Zi Ling followed Qiu Xiang to turn a corner and arrived at an altar where peonies were in full bloom However she saw a man standing beside the altar It turned out to be her future husband Wang Qingyun Now the sunshine was just right He was dressed in a blue gown and matched with the yellow peonies in full bloom next to him It looked particularly refreshing and bright Seeing Zi Ling's arrival he smiled respectfully The viewer was amiable

Although Zi Ling saw that Wang Qingyun was a little surprised at first she immediately thought of what had just happened and felt a little uncomfortable in her heart Wang Qingyun stepped forward and saw Zi Ling's facial expression The 38 needle valve smile on his face gradually disappeared He only raised the corners of his mouth slightly He whispered "I know my mother must have come to you secretly and wronged you" Please don't be angry with the elder sister "I don't know why I offended my relatives and made her dislike me" Zi Ling was more and more indignant in her heart but she did not know how to vent it After all the other party was his mother If she was angry for a moment and said something rude it would seem that she was too stingy Embarrassed Wang Qingyun said "It's my fault too It's only because I'm worried that things will change over time that I twist my mother down It's normal for her to be unhappy" "You also know about the imperial edict" Zi Ling listened to the other side's overtones and was slightly surprised Wang Qingyun nodded his head and said with a straight face "Please forgive me for being so eager to succeed that I messed things up"

Zi Ling bit her lip and said reluctantly "I'm not blaming you but after all a twisted melon is not sweet I don't want to be a disgusting person" Wang Qingyun was silent for a while and finally said "Don't worry Sister I will give you an explanation" Seeing that it was rare for the other party to beg in a low posture Zi Ling was embarrassed to be annoyed any more "I have a question to ask you" she said coyly "What's the problem" "Why me" Because of this direct question from Ziling Wang Qingyun unexpectedly showed some shyness His ears turned red and he said in a low voice "I believe you are a person who can share the joys and sorrows with me and grow old together" Zi Ling blushed Impression of the other side dissolute not training or steady and magnanimous performance can not resist his moment of shame to bring Ziling moved It was not until the other party had left that Ziling discovered that she was holding a paper bag in her hand When she opened the paper bag she found four small summer oranges inside Zi Ling immediately laughed out loud thinking of the money Yuzi that someone had given her a long time ago Sure enough the two of them were good friends and the gifts had the same effect chinaroke.com