"All right let's go" said Tong Ze with a smile Hua Ci said to the crowd "I'm sorry everyone Since Tong Ze is going to be with us we'll take our leave" With these words he turned to leave Standing aside Dijie said angrily "Stop Do you want to go like this" Yu Wen said angrily "Why Tong Ze said he wanted to be with us What else do you want to do Do you want to rob people This is not your Demon Shrine You are free to come and go" Dijie said angrily "Is the little girl's mouth quite fierce Who are you" Yu Wen said "Disciples of the two immortals in the northwest the name of your Demon Palace can't frighten us" "So it's you" said Dijie angrily "A few days ago the old Black Wind monster said he caught you and let you escape Now that you let me meet you you can go back with me obediently" This Dijie's Weiwei has already reached the realm of tube fitting manufacturer intermediate celestial immortals plus those disciples of the Demon Palace who have the cultivation of earth immortals behind him If there is a real fight we are certainly no match for them Hua Ci hurriedly said "Why we want to catch us but we heard that the Demon Palace has caught a lot of fellow immortals If there is a real fight I believe the people present will not stand idly by" You are sure to get benefits in front of so many people Volume 5 Bloody Battle of the

Immortal World Chapter 7 Nine Palace Immortals As Hua Ci was speaking there were already people around him The North Immortal and the West Immortal were very popular in the fairy world and many of the people present were their friends Besides what Hua Ci said was also very reasonable Many of the people present had friends or friends who had been captured by the Demon Shrine When Dijie saw the crowd surrounding him although his cultivation was relatively high he could not get any benefit under the siege of so many people so he had to say "You are lucky today If I meet you again next time I will make your life worse than death" Hua Ci said with a smile "Let's talk about it next time If you don't run away now I'm afraid you won't have a chance" "Let's go" Dijie said to his men Then he ran away in a hurry "Thank you very much" said Hua Ci to the others Everybody laughs "You are welcome what that boy runs is really fast we still want to catch him to change a person" The five of us went back to the inn packed up and left Tianjiao City Hua Ci said "Let's look for one first His place of cultivating immortals is not far from here He is a good friend of Lingxian Maybe he knows the whereabouts of Lingxian" Roach asked "Elder Martial Sister Hua are you talking about the Immortal of the Nine Palaces" Hua Ci 14 tube fitting nodded and said "Yes Ling Xian and Jiu Gong Xian are very close

Let's go and find him Maybe we can get some clues" When we used the space transfer array to transfer between planets Tong Ze was naturally surprised For such an idiot in the fairy world he had to ask Roach and Yuwen to tell him some basic information about the fairy world and teach him some necessary magic in the fairy world He got up very quickly but he always shouted for his beard I really don't know why he wanted his beard so much Sometimes his mind is like a child very funny there are new things he wants to try I do not know how he can practice in the real world to fly to the fairy world pipe fittings manufacturer We turned several uninhabited planets all the way and finally arrived at the planet where Jiugong immortals cultivate immortals This planet is very big and the whole planet is covered by a layer of ice and snow According to Huaci many immortals are in hidden cultivation Using the cold of this extremely cold place can speed up the speed of cultivating immortals Tong Ze said to himself "This planet is so cold How can anyone practice in such a place This nine-palace immortal is really asking for trouble" Roach hurriedly said "Tong Ze don't talk nonsense when you see the Immortal of the Nine Palaces Otherwise we will leave you here alone and let you learn the taste of asking for trouble" Tong Ze hurriedly said "

No no I will never talk nonsense when I see the Immortal of the Nine Palaces of the Division Don't worry" Yuwen said "We're looking for the Immortal of the Nine Palaces but we have something to ask him for advice If you talk nonsense Elder Martial Brother Hua won't be able to find anyone to go back to the realm of cultivation Hum you'll have a good time" ” Tong Ze said "You two kiss each other You even speak in the same tone By the way Brother Hua you still want to go back to the realm of cultivation Didn't you just fly up Why do you still want to go back Isn't it very good here" Yuwen said angrily "

Don't talk nonsense if you don't know Elder Martial Brother Hua is only a hundred years old How can he rise so quickly He was hunted down and accidentally entered the fairy world Do you understand" Tong Ze asked "I don't understand Brother Hua didn't fly to the fairy world Where did he come from Is there any other entrance to the fairy world" "Don't ask so many questions if you don't know" said Yuwen angrily "I don't know anyway I just came to the fairy world for no reason" Tong Ze nodded and said "Oh it was inexplicable" Just as they were talking I thought I heard the sound of a fight I was busy Sure enough someone was fighting I said "There are people fighting over there Let's go and have a look" Five people rushed to the place of the fight and when they arrived at the scene of the fight they found that an old man was being besieged by a gang of people who were acquaintances that is Dijie and his dozen men who met in Tianjiao City By this time the old man had fallen behind under the siege of Dijie and more than a dozen disciples of the

Demon Palace I asked "Elder Martial Sister Hua shall we go to save him" Hua Ci said "Of course we have to save him The enemy of the Demon Palace is our friend We must save this senior" Tong Ze said "I didn't go there Even with us we are no match for those people in the Demon Palace Why should we go to die" Yuwen said angrily "Tong Ze don't be so ambitious as to destroy your own prestige Are you helping us or them If you don't go just forget it Anyway we must go We can't be as timid as you" Tong Ze said "Who is as timid as a mouse I'm just saying If there is a fight I'm not afraid of them Just go and let them taste my power" Then he took out a soft whip and rushed to the place where they were fighting shouting "My old boy is coming" 。 chinaroke.com