When Yang Peijun heard this his eyes lit up Go out and have a look Who wouldn't want to He has been able to boast about the train ride for half a month "Niang is right Although she is stable these days it doesn't mean that she doesn't have it Besides the elder sister has to be so white and clean and her body is single Maybe those pickpockets are aiming at this" As soon as he said this Zhang Minghua was even more worried "I think that's it Let Peijun pack up quickly and go back to the Shen family with you later Let's go together tomorrow morning" Yang Peimin quickly stopped her "Niang doesn't need the third brother to send me there He can send me to our city When the time comes Yiguang will come to pick me up and won't get lost" When Yang Peihua heard this he squeezed her eyes Yang Peimin also winked and smiled at him What a prodigal Does he think it's free to go back and forth by train This is an unnecessary thing Then Zhang Minghua pulled her away from the crowd and again told her how to give birth to a child In order to calm her heart Yang Peimin also cleverly answered one by one Finally she refused what

Zhang Minghua asked her to bring to Shen Yiguang After dinner she asked Yang Peijun to send her to the Shen family Yang Peijun is still lobbying her "Minmin aren't you afraid of being alone" I heard that there are not only pickpockets outside but also human traffickers who specialize in abducting and selling women and children Yang stainless steel tube fitting Peimin stopped him "Give up the idea and invite you to eat meat tomorrow" Yang Peijun immediately closed his mouth tightly Because it was already dark in order to prevent Yang Peijun from having a bad rest Yang Peimin let him stay at Shen's house for one night Anyway there were many rooms The two elders of the Shen family were also very satisfied with her brother's delivery Knowing that they had already had dinner he also gave him a bowl of noodles and an egg for Yang Peijun as a midnight snack Yang Peijun fell asleep with a satisfied stomach The next day before dawn Yang Peimin let Chen Guizhi wake up For going out people generally choose to get up early not only to arrange the time but also to worry about not being able to buy a ticket Now the train is not as frequent and convenient as later generations

If you miss this one you may have to wait a long time for the next one Yang Peimin also understood this truth so he got up as soon as he heard the noise Tidy yourself up quickly Breakfast was the same as when Shen Yiguang returned to the army during the Spring Festival Zhang Minghua got up early and finished it Yang Peimin could imagine that she should get up at three o'clock because steamed buns and meat buns were steamed for breakfast It took at least half an hour to make these noodles and then it took a lot of effort to stamp and pinch them Her heart was warm See Yang Peijun is also a pair of eyebrows with a smile greeted the crowd he first took the meat buns to eat Chen Guizhi asked him how it tasted "The meat I bought yesterday was also afraid of changing its taste I took some salt to pickle it and washed it again stainless steel hydraulic fitting I don't know if it's salty" Yang Peijun simply put one in her bowl "Auntie will know if she tastes it" Chen Guizhi smiled and narrowed his eyes I'm going to leave after breakfast Yang Peimin helped her carry the light clothes and Chen Guizhi's dry food for her on the way and their brother and sister were pulled to the town by

Zhao Mancang's oxcart They're switching buses The bus from the town to the county town runs about every two hours and it is not very accurate It takes an hour from the town to the county town so Yang Peimin suspects that it is this bus that runs back and forth She was lucky that a train came after standing for a while There were about ten people waiting for the bus with them and this was the terminal so the bus was full of empty seats People jostled to get on the bus The bus fare is ten cents per person at the moment Yang Peimin put a stack of change into Peijun's hand "you come to give it" She first found a seat in the back Now the bus was different from the one she had taken before She was not talking about the appearance or anything but the smell It seemed to be the smell of gasoline mixed with the smell of plastic and leather It was very unpleasant Fortunately it was possible to open the window and there were not many people Otherwise she could not spit it out by herself because she had just been persuaded by Chen Guizhi to eat so full

Yang Peijun paid the money and sat next to her looking at her listless look "What's wrong with you" It's not carsickness is it The car not only smelled bad but also was bumpy because the road conditions in the countryside were bumpy Then Yang Peimin sat near the window thinking that the air would be better if he opened the window but he didn't know that the place where the car passed was dusty and immediately ate a mouthful of dust She hurriedly closed the window took out a handkerchief from her pocket covered her mouth and nose and could only stainless steel needle valve shake her head at Yang Peijun if she was still in the mood to reply Chapter one hundred and forty cars Yang Peijun looked at her situation and rummaged through her luggage He pulled out a porcelain jar for drinking water and handed it to her "Take this and don't spit it on the ground" This cup was brought by Yang Peimin after thinking about it After all she was not used to drinking water from other people's cups outside Anyway the heavy dried fruit had been mailed Now she was on her way with only her own clothes and she could still get it Yang Peimin looked at him with admiration It was hard for him to think of this way but it was really disgusting He waved his hand to him and put it back Yang Peijun looked at her hesitantly once or twice but did not put it down "

Forget it I'll hold it for you so you won't have time to install it later" Yang Peimin was already unable to complain She leaned on the back of her seat and covered her mouth and nose with a handkerchief in one hand She didn't want to speak at all It seemed that she was going to rebel in her stomach The village bus also stopped one stop at a time People kept getting on and off the bus The inertia of stopping and opening was also a torture The Yang family spoke in a loud voice Yang Peijun did not deliberately cover up these two sentences The people around him listened to them all over and couldn't help laughing This guy is so honest that he can take this water tank with him when he goes out "Yes this girl is blessed" Yang Peihua rushed to the man behind him and said "This is my sister" "It's no wonder they're brother and sister They look a bit like each other" 。 chinaroke.com