"They're looking for you to have a female reunion Go!" The girl said "I won't go I'll talk to Miss Yu first" "No Miss Yu said no All of us have to discuss something important" "I won't discuss anything Miss Yu knows me!"! I said clearly why should I go again "I don't know She asked me to come" "I beg you to say that I have to do something to come to my brother and I can't come to the meeting" Man A said from the side "Jiu go or go you should get used to these things" "I'm not happy to go" Everyone had nothing to say and a woman who came Flushometer valve seemed to have nothing to say She looked at everything in the room After looking at it for a while she looked at man A timidly and suddenly said "If you don't go I'll go" The girl said "Miss Zhu please say sorry to Miss Yu" The woman nodded smiled unnaturally at the girl smiled at the man A and walked away Man A closed the door Jiu is this your classmate in class "Yes" She is very honest and she is the most beautiful woman in the class "

I don't think this woman is any good" If you look at it for a long time you will find it She is very comely and she is good at her lessons "As usual women do well in their lessons" Because this is close to the meaning of "just good homework" the girl was a little upset and said "This person's thought is not bad I have seen many new books on her bookshelf social sciences international issues new art theory More than my classmates As if thinking of something else Man A stopped talking and sat down at the table After sitting for a while she stopped Flush valve price writing a word and reviewed some things that the girl did not understand When she arrived she suddenly said "Let's go to play by the river Are you afraid of the cold" The girl said that it was not cold at all outside so they soon left the school and went to the riverside The river is covered with mist In the river the sailboat flashed a small red lantern in the fog The evening tide was rising and the tiny waves were gnawing at the dike It was because of this tiny sound that all space felt unusually silent Walking along the thin and bright long causeway he went to the place where man A chased the big boat during the day Man A remembered what had happened during the day and stopped moving

Second brother are you tired Man A shook his head and said nothing Exclusive launch Chapter III One The girl Jiu got up very early and invited Zhu to the court to learn tennis After playing for a while she invited her companion to her second brother's room to get the book It was Zhu who accompanied Jiu to the teacher's dormitory with a slightly restless mood To the dormitory the girl Jiu also used to knock on the door three times did not agree and look at the weather it is already the time after the second brother got up gently push the door The door opened the air in the room was very bad the electric light was still yellow man A lay on the bed clothes were not taken off leather shoes were not taken off Flush Retrofit Kit the quilt cover had not been completely opened and put on his body at will there were countless pieces of paper on the ground in the house it was obvious that the owner had slept very late at night The girl Jiu and the companion woman were stunned The girl Jiu walked gently to the bedside and looked sadly at

Man A's haggard face long hair and a thin right hand outside the quilt Second brother second brother Man A did not seem to be sleeping soundly As soon as he heard the voice of the girl he woke up with a start He got up and opened a pair of sleepless eyes full of blood He looked at the girl with a reluctant smile and said "It's too much" He made an air of self-reproach in front of the girl trying to cover up everything last night But the girl shook her head and turned her face away Man a understood what Jiu was going to do and said "Jiu have you forgotten that you are an adult" Girl nine heard man A's words and remembered that there was Zhu in the room who had not been formally introduced to the second brother so she turned around and smiled at man A reluctantly "Second brother why are you like this again" Man A also pretended to smile "It's not that I didn't sleep all night but that I got up too early and was very tired when I arrived so I became like this"

"At this point man A had already seen the electric light and the light had not gone out so he quickly pressed the mechanism and as usual while picking up the manuscript on the table he spoke" It's a good idea to write The weather is really better earlier not noisy for others quiet " The girl thought to herself "You're totally lying to me and the guests" He was obviously overtired at night so he lied at this time! But she said "Second brother you are so brave" My article will be finished next week I thought it was well written and you must be Concealed Flush Valve happy to read it "Good is certain" Do you want me to write a few words "Natural things!"! It's better for you to write Zhang Cao for me not Zhong Ti It's not good for you to write Zhong Ti because Han Li is too groundless "But the pen is really not good I have to borrow the pen!" "Well you can borrow a good pen and draw a cover picture at random" Both of them lied to each other in front of the guests and both of them smiled and both of them knew the tears behind the lies The girl Jiu Qie formally introduced the girl Zhu to the second brother who lied Man A looked at Zhu nodded reluctantly and even more reluctantly found some words to talk to the woman He asked about the girl a fellow countryman of Zhu and about the courses Zhu had chosen and about the difference in taste between the new school and the old one since he had transferred to another school He was as concerned as if he wanted to understand these things very much

Girl Jiu on the other hand explained that it seemed that Man A wanted to write a novel on the life of girl Zhu so at the same time he also talked about his strengths for Zhu She talked about Zhu's lessons thoughts and people In fact these words had all been said by the embankment last night and now she repeated them in front of Zhu himself Zhu who had come to the room with a slightly unstable heart could not say more when he saw the situation of the two brothers and sisters She looked at the person who spoke to her with her clever eyes answered with restraint and unnaturalness and smiled shyly at the girl's words of praise She also had some spirit of lying but on the one hand she felt that man A was almost pitiful but what she said was "very happy to see Mr A's Mountain Ghost" She also found many almost polite words in the dialogue but she could see clearly that the host's smile was not a different thing from a sigh cnkexin.com