Like helpless lambs the four were placed in the middle of the open space surrounded by all the sects in one corner Hu Yanba stepped into the arena and said "Please come out to discuss with the leaders of various factions leaders or leaders" As soon as he finished Shaolin Master Huixing Wudang Chi Songzi Emei Master Jingyuan Abbess Kunlun Master Xia Qinghe Beggars' Sect Leader Xiang Zhukang Huashan Shi Jilun and Yitongjiao Lenglong all came out And Shen Han and Wanyan Abado also followed out the most incredible Zhu Beirong also came over! Everyone was stunned "What are you doing here" They asked Zhu Beirong Pointing to Huyanba Zhu Beirong said "He said that the leaders of various factions push button toilet flush valve the leaders of the sect or the leaders are coming I am the leader of the Snitch Sect Of course I have to come" They all stood up and stared pointing to the three places where Xiao Kui had stopped "Go back!" They shouted Zhu Beirong's heart shriveled and he said to himself "If I had shouted loudly that day I would have turned you sons of bitches round and round" He looked at Shen Han and Wanyan Abado and said "Where are you two" What faction does it belong to Wanyan Abaduo snorted coldly and said "The Mongolian Desert Sect" The crowd was stunned and asked "Is there such a faction" Wanyan Aba said proudly "

I just founded it Can't I" Zhu Beirong sniggered in his heart "Anyway the more people fight the better It's better to all perish together!" He asks Shen Han again "Is that you" Shen Han winked at him and said with a smile "The Yamen Sect of the Imperial Court" This the palace carried out the background can be really not small can know the master is not the present emperor They were stunned again I don't know when the palace formed a school again Is it difficult for the emperor to attend the Sword Conference Zhu Beirong also stunned gawked at Shen Han for a while then slowly walked to the side of Xiao Wei three his mood can be really deflated listless sat down When Xiao Wei saw that he was in a bad mood he sat down to comfort him Heh! A friend in need is a friend indeed! Hu Yanba asked the "leaders" Urinal Manual Flush Valve of various factions "How do you want to compare" Leng Long gave a sneer and said "I agree with what Zhu Xiaozi said just now"

Chi Songzi frowned and said "I think it's better not to hurt people" The other factions agreed with him one after another and when the minority was subordinate to the majority Huyanba added "How many people will each faction put forward to play" "There is no limit to the number of people" said Leng Long "We will fight until no one comes out" "Damn it" said Shi Jilun "of course you brought so many people" Abbess Jingyuan said "I think it's better to send three people each It's just a small meeting to discuss swords" Each faction also agrees with her opinion the cold dragon does not have the pimp if immediately falls out also not necessarily can defeat each faction also has to agree Now that we have made such a decision we will retreat separately Hu Yanba looked around at the crowd his face shining his whole body domineering into sour gas and his heart was so cool that he wanted to die But he was not a good referee If he made a slight mistake he would get off the stage with a light voice and it would not be enough to dismember the body with a heavy voice of eighty horses Manual Flush Valve Although he was very happy he had to tremble He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said in a loud voice "Now the competition begins

Which two factions want to send someone out first" People are not stupid who would like to play first turn to the last only to be beaten so are silent When Hu Yanba saw this he added "The winner can come off the court and rest After the others have played the winner will compete again" Well that sounds like a human word At that moment Wudang Yan Wuxin and Emei Xu Hui jumped into the field saluted the crowd saluted the referee Hu Yanba and saluted each other again All right! It's not a politeness competition so let's play with so many gifts! It's really annoying to see Who knows the two of them still need to talk about the scene As soon as Yan Wuxin pulled his long sword and pinched it he said "Since I came out of Jianghu I have been fighting all over the world and I am invincible in Wulin" It's over! This is like a disciple of Wudang Hearing this Chi Songzi frowned and coughed repeatedly which made other Wulin disciples think that he was too nervous to breathe and was about to tremble All of them were around him in a panic

But judging from the caring look on their faces and the longing look in their eyes they probably all listen respectfully to who will be the next leader once the red pine nuts die However not all of them are so "evil hearted"! Of course Yan Wuxin also heard Chi Songzi's cough and he immediately knew that his master was not satisfied with his "opening remarks" so he hinted It seemed that Yan Wuxin was more intelligent than other Wudang disciples He guessed right At that moment he rushed to catch up with the unfinished words and changed his words "Service Sink Faucets Miss" he added "the sword has no eyes Please be careful" Well these words are more or less the same red pine nut smiled a big sense of comfort smiled Unexpectedly Yan Wuxin went on to say "If the girl is unfortunately hurt by me you can't blame me You can only blame yourself for not being good at learning I'm sorry for your own school so you can commit suicide" Is that right Yan Wuxin go to hell! Chi Songzi's face turned pale and he was likely to be angry to death Not to be outdone Xu Hui immediately said "I don't know how many guests I've received since I came out of Jianghu" Abbess Jingyuan's face turned green and of course she coughed fiercely Xu Hui also knew that she had said the wrong thing She could not help blushing After a while she said "

My Emei Taiqing swordsmanship has always been invincible Please be careful If you are defeated by me you will have to be killed" Abbess Jingyuan listened to her words in front of her and her face had softened a little but when she heard them her face turned green again The two men finished their opening remarks and immediately made a move See Yan Wuxin a sword point to Xu Hui left shoulder this sword is also in line with decent swordsmanship and female fight do not attack its shame Xu Hui body side also with a sword this sword to Yan Wuxin left arm but also did not lose body number But this is the only sword! Then the two of them each made a tough move regardless of your improper fight they all greeted each other fiercely and saw that the eyes of Akamatsuko and Abbess Jingyuan were about to fall off which was too outrageous! It's just a sword match and it's not that enemies are jealous when they meet Both of them want to put each other to death As a result Xu Hui cut Yan Wuxin's left rib with a sword