The palm of the hand pressed the position of the chest the hot male breath spread through the skin Shen Zixia's cheeks were hot and red but was teased by Han Linzheng she was cheeky to reply "This figure practice is not enough this muscle is not enough" Said the hand is still in that fierce pinch By the soft boneless little hand so a pinch the other side or their own heart of the little girl Han Lin Zheng suddenly gasped even the eyes have changed Shen Zixia did not notice but also deliberately pinched a few more times and took a finger to poke the muscles of the lower abdomen one by one down Han Linzheng just began to let her play but this hand all the way down soft and tender finger Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl pulp inch by inch to poke down even breathing can not help but heavy up If you poke down again we won't have to go out later Shen Zixia poked the last piece and before he could let go of his hand he heard the sound and bounced off in a hurry Looking up the man's eyes were much deeper than before and even his breathing felt much heavier This kind of simple change Shen Zixia knew that he was in the ignition She scratched her head awkwardly and said with a smile "

Well you said it yourself just now" Said she hurriedly pushed people away "hurry to pack up we should start otherwise it will be hot" Han Linzheng hum to wipe the body and changed the body clothes the whole person is much more refreshing The courtyard has a car to go to the town today Han Linzheng made an appointment in advance two people will go out together by car when they come back bring back by the way When they arrived the Comrade who was driving the car shouted "Oh Captain Han you are always on time Why are you so slow today" There is a word in the other side's words Han Linzheng also did not pick up only said a sentence "can go" That Comrade also did not tease again answer "Can go wait for you two" After all the object is still there only a few big men together how to say but there is an object other people's object is also to save face Han Linzheng nodded slightly opened the door let Shen Zixia go up first and then go up himself

After all used to the appearance of Han Linzheng's cold-faced Raksha now looking at him so gentle to the object the Comrade driving the car is also surprised heart way they are really right ah this captain Han is really gentle to his daughter-in-law Originally thought that such a thing in which man appeared will not appear in Captain Han did not expect after Captain Han has a partner more gentle than anyone else this may be the iron man into a soft finger Chapter 347 Because they had a car they changed their destination and planned to go to the county town The car started and walked around the bumpy mountain road for more than an hour before arriving at the county town The county seat is more lively than the town and the general army purchases mainly come to the county seat to facilitate the purchase Han Linzheng got out of the car said hello to the two notices Stainless Steel Prison Toilet agreed on a place and the car drove away When the car was far away Han Linzheng turned around and took Shen Zixia's hand beside him "Go" Although this county is more lively than the town it can't be compared with the big city There are many shops around but it's still quite backward But afraid of being accompanied by the other half even in the pressure of the road

Shen Zixia also felt happy Two people bought some food and drink is wandering around although the county is not prosperous but also an ancient town now compared to later generations is relatively better protected there are some historic sites It's just that these historic sites are somewhat incomplete because of the dilapidation in the past few years but there is a kind of beauty of time in the incompleteness Two people holding hands as if Prison toilet for sale no one was walking on the wall of the tall building looking at this small county town the distance is a series of bullying mountains green mountains and forests faintly can also see the pavilion temple on the mountain According to the local people it is a temple In the early years the temple was very brilliant because it was very efficacious especially loved by the people nearby and many people went to worship and pray to God on New Year's Day Later after the formal establishment of the country it began to break the feudal superstition but the temple was dilapidated

Originally such a big temple was to be destroyed but when the temple was in the anti-Japanese war it rescued many innocent people and helped the army to fight against the enemy so when it was destroyed it only destroyed a few houses and no one went to destroy it again but after so many years the glory there was only left to the past and now there is no one to worship There are only a few poor homeless people living there They usually guard and clean the temple and only go down the mountain to buy on New Year's Day Shen Zixia looked Stainless Steel Trough Urinal at the mountain and asked "Is that temple the Lingen Temple they said" Han Linzheng nodded "Well listen to the local people say that this temple is very efficacious although now everywhere to break the feudal superstition but there are still people secretly go up to worship" "Is there anyone else to worship" Shen Zixia is obviously a little surprised after all now the feudal superstition of this matter is so strict did not destroy the temple is also good Han Linzheng nodded "otherwise how do you think the people on the mountain live" Every year people secretly go to worship donate some incense money and ask for peace of mind

Although the money is not much it can also feed the people on the mountain Shen Zixia thought about it carefully and thought so Although the country is propagating the belief in science and not superstition from ancient times to the present human beings have always maintained the mentality of reverence and not blasphemy for such things as strange forces and chaotic gods Even in later generations there are more worships and beliefs in gods Every year when temples are full of incense people seek peace of mind and selfishness just to bring good luck Therefore even if the feudal superstition is so strict now people will place their hopes on the gods when they are in trouble hoping only to bring good luck Why don't we go and say goodbye too Shen Zixia said Han Linzheng thought he had misheard and was stunned "Are you going" "Well can I go" Since it's so effective let's go and have a look "It's not very far but" Han Linzheng stopped in the middle of his speech He has always maintained a reverent attitude towards ghosts and gods and will not be overly superstitious about them but will not completely slander them