Jing Xiuzhu threw him a pan turned around and stepped up the stairs to go upstairs As soon as he heard the character's footsteps stop a slightly hoarse laugh came from his headphones "Baby if I give you a gun we can only die for love Are you serious" Ning Jianjing was suddenly stupefied Before he could recover from this sentence Jing Xiuzhu had already manipulated the character to run upstairs with a thump on the floor as if someone had knocked on his heart with a small hammer When Ning saw the scene he couldn't help looking sideways but Stainless Steel Shower Tray the old man who had just stirred up people was not aware of it at all He stared at the screen with a serious face and fished out a gun from the corner to try his hand Come up Jing Xiuzhu said When Ning Jing came to his senses he took a little breath and followed him As soon as he went around the door he heard a gunshot He turned his head subconsciously At the same time a gunshot rang out from his side The character had just turned into a box with smoke Jing Xiuzhu had just been standing behind the door and saw a man and a cat by the window opposite He did not shoot and wanted to test Ning Jianjing's sensitivity As soon as Ning Jianjing entered the door the opposite side fired a gun and Ning Jianjing's instinct was really very strong almost at the same time he found the opposite person but he did not have a gun in his hand and the operation was not enough If he had been faster he might have killed the man on the opposite side

It's a seedling Good reaction You take the next shot Jing Xiuzhu thought about it to let Ning see the scene now like a professional player even if the sky is red rain is impossible can only let him use instinct surprise hit and kill Ning Jianjing said "Let me shoot Aren't you afraid of death" "Afraid" Jing Xiuzhu paused and said "But I believe you" Ning Jingwen was stupefied again He looked at the characters who jumped down from the window in the game He coughed and said dryly "Who gave you the courage Liang Jingru" Jing Xiuzhu smiled "come here" When the two men almost finished searching for supplies here they were about to brush poison Jing Xiuzhu found a car and sat in the driver's seat He said "I'll drive If you see someone later as long as they are not teammates they will all be Stainless Steel Squatting Pan killed" Ning saw the scene "um" and sat on the copilot The screen showed that the remaining number of survivors was 38 Jing Xiuzhu glanced at it and asked "Elder Martial Brother coordinates" The Elder Martial Brotherther reported the number Jing Xiuzhu drove all the way but he didn't meet anyone However as soon as he reached the coordinates he heard a burst of gunfire Ning Jianjing subconsciously set up a gun backhand is a shot and then a shot two or three seconds after the screen jumped out of the two kill shouting Ning eliminated kp13 Ning eliminated Yer He only fired five shots and killed two people which was impossible for a new player who had never played the game before Wen Cheng and

Elder Martial Brotherther were also surprised for a moment It was completely instinctive This boss in his previous life will not be a general of any military region this instinct is too terrible did not play games like this if this is a good training under Jing Xiuzhu for a few months this is also good But this is in training Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo Wen Cheng did not trance too long two or three seconds to come to his senses and brother killed four people at this time the remaining number of 11 There were no casualties in FRG only Ning Jianjing lost half a tube of blood Do you have a bandage Jing Xiuzhu asked Ning Jianjing looked up "What" Jing Xiuzhu turned over the parcel and threw a few bandages at his feet He said "Pick it up and put it on yourself Try not to let yourself get hurt and fall to the ground Put the bandage on in time If you lose too much blood use the first aid kit" Don't worry stay behind me and leave it to me later Wen Cheng looked at him a little bit like a child to teach Ning to see the scene the heart always felt that there was something wrong there is a kind of own child from the outside to break the skin crying back distressed into the arms and then take him to split the stone to pieces Wen Cheng couldn't help whispering "Hey be serious at this time Don't flirt with me" Jing Xiuzhu did not lift his head and said "No" Wen Cheng spat Jing Xiuzhu choked and swept away the haze in his heart just now He beeped loudly "Isn't this called flirting" What happened just now As long as I don't die you will be all right Now this is following me

You wait for me to send a micro-blog to ask your fans what is flirting Jing Xiuzhu turned his head sideways and reached out to cover the wheat He lowered his voice and approached Wen Cheng "No I'm serious" he said in a breathless voice Wen Cheng opened his eyes wide in an instant You Jing Xiuzhu turned around solemnly and manipulated the role to move forward "keep up" Four people meet the poison circle also began to shrink smaller and smaller all people gathered around a col slowly in the condition of not exposed to move to the safety zone Just Stainless Steel Toilet China now the small map with heavy smoke and thunderous gunfire suddenly quieted down except for the voices of teammates quiet like a dead city At this time no one will be willing to shoot first exposing the position is tantamount to giving away life Gou is the best choice Elder Martial Brother is different from Jing Xiuzhu Jing Xiuzhu has an absolute position in the professional circle because his playing style is overbearing and tough As long as he is exposed to the role in front of him there is no possibility of survival The Elder Martial Brotherther was different No one knew where he was waiting

At a casual moment he was killed by one shot The terrible thing about him is that he is impossible to guard against This is his home court Ning Jianjing lay quietly in the grass beside Jing Xiuzhu wearing a set of auspicious clothes that he had just thrown together almost merging with the grass Jing Xiuzhu said "Gold owner do you see the head in the crack of the door on the opposite side Try to kill it with one shot" Ning Jianjing moved his eyes slightly and set up his gun to aim at the head in the crack of the door but he didn't have an eight-fold lens in his hand only a four-fold lens which was enough for a professional player but it was very difficult for him Ning Jianjing closed his eyes held his breath aimed and pressed down A shot down the screen did not jump out of the kill shout that person's position is very tricky can not kill is actually very normal Wen Cheng could not help but look sideways This is to embarrass people even if he can not shoot people at this angle let alone the boss cnkexin.com