Mo Zhi Bai Tong "Left hand or right hand" When Zheng yuanzhang recalled what he had said he suddenly stopped and said with a wry smile "I don't remember" There was a buzz in the crowd The shadow of doubt is getting thicker and thicker They have disbelieved the young man's confession Zheng yuan really doesn't remember this time Mo Zhibai's eyes flashed a smile and his voice was much more gentle "Naturally the formula was passed to Zheng Shaoxia by the master himself wasn't it" Zheng is willing to nod Mo Zhibai said "Shall the master teach the pithy formula first or the ring first" Zheng yuan frowned and thought hard for a long time before he sighed "I don't remember" Mo Zhibai said "So could it be at the same time" "It's possible" Zheng yuan murmured Now even the mountain moon is doubting what means Zheng yuan used to get the ring Haiji doesn't know what's going on She didn't speak She was just a little angry She thought the thin old man was too difficult The flower is deep but knows it well But several times she wanted to open her mouth she was stopped by Zheng yuan Zheng yuan's right hand stroked her back waist As soon as she wanted to speak Zheng yuan stroked her gently She seemed to have forgotten that her husband was Zheng yuan the "sedan-chair bearer" Mo Zhibai asked "

Shaoxia when you saw the Master was his hair gray or completely white" Zheng yuan can't answer Mo Zhibai reminded him "was it day or night" Zheng yuan asked in reply "Time Delay Tap What was that" When "When you teach the ring and the pithy formula" said Mo Zhibai Zheng yuan breathed a sigh of relief "During the day" Noon Now the people in the fox's nest are blown up You can't see the color of your hair in broad daylight What is this kid if not a liar If Zheng yuan is a liar the ring was obtained by improper means How about this The water roared silently and happily "Zheng you killed Lord Diao!" Everybody also roars in unison "Want him to pay a life!" "Take this boy off eighteen pieces and feed him to the dog!" Haiji steps back turns around draws a knife and blocks on the right side Hua Shen also quietly moved her right hand to the sachet on her waist which contained her hidden weapon Shan Yueer clenched her teeth and stared at Zheng yuan sadly and angrily her hands clinging tightly to her chest as if she could not breathe If Zheng yuan really killed the murderer of Diao Tangzhu then her mountain moon son is simply unimaginable She had feverishly offered her body to him Just now her body was still hot and swollen in his hands Now she wished she could die in front of him

Mo Zhibai still stared intently at Zheng yuan's eyes with neither Self-closing Faucet anger nor joy on his face It was as if he were staring at a witness who had been refuted to pieces Shui Zhigang's expression was solemn and his fan stopped shaking Tie Zhirou's eyes which she had been too lazy to open were now wide and round Xia Zhizhi's eyes are full of the murderous look of the king Wu Zhiqiao stood quietly only her eyelids still drooping as if she were thinking about something Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin Ren Zhiyu was still very respectful as if he was the only one who believed that Zheng yuan was honest Shan Zhiqing's beard opened angrily his eyes breathed fire and as soon as he raised his hand the roar and restlessness of the crowd subsided in an instant Shan Zhi sneered "Zheng what else do you have to say" "Yes" said Zheng yuan leisurely "Say it!" Shanzhi snapped "I want to say three things" said Zheng yuan slowly He turned his eyes to

Mo Zhibai smiled and said "First of all there is a fatal loophole in Mo Si's question just now that is he first assumed that I had only met Elder Diao once" Please think about it It is impossible for Elder Diao to entrust the Xuan Iron Ring to me just because of one acquaintance "You robbed it in a mean way" the water shouted silently "Even if I can grab the ring" said Zheng yuan "can I grab the ring" The water is silent and tongue-tied Zheng yuan said lightly "With Elder Diao's outstanding martial arts and extraordinary ability to recognize people as well as his rich experience in Jianghu and superhuman wisdom if I were a person Time Delay Faucet who deliberately plotted against him would he let me succeed" The mountain moon's heart has been put down half The complexion of the crowd also unconsciously eased a lot After all they are all subordinates of Diao Kunlun They know what Diao Kunlun is capable of It is unbelievable that a young man wants to cheat Diao Kunlun

Zheng yuan added "So what I want to tell you is that Elder Xi knew me fifteen years ago when I was eight years old" When I was eighteen years old the elder Diao was far away That is to say the elder Diao took care of me for ten years The buzzing started again Zheng yuan turned to Shan Zhiqing and said in a deep voice "Elder Diao told me before the trip that I must come here next year and release Meng Yang At the same time I will hand over the Xuan Iron Ring to Shan Da" That's the second thing I want to say Everyone's face is more gentle Shan Self-closing Shower Valve Zhiqing is already a little excited Shan Yueer almost laughed out loud Only the water snorted silently and coldly Zheng yuan sighed his face sank and said coldly "One last thing" Please kneel down and pick up the Xuan Iron Ring of Tianma Hall and then make sure we leave safely The heart of the mountain moon is cold The moonlight is very beautiful tonight Quiet night sky blue without a cloud The moonlight falls gently on the quiet snowy desert A red bonfire A small tent

Five lazy steeds A reclining camel with three humps This is Zheng's wish for their destination tonight These foxes are really hateful! The flower stood with a deep back to Zheng yuan wiping the drops of water on her body with a silk scarf Zheng yuan reclined on the pillow and gazed tenderly at his wife "They're not really too hateful" he said softly "You're still protecting them" said the flower with deep hatred "Anyway" said Zheng yuan with a smile "they gave us three camels two horses and ten bags of water If it wasn't for the clear water you wouldn't be able to take a bath now Hua Shen turned to him and said with a sneer "I ask you who is that little fox spirit" Zheng yuan stared at her and said with a smile "Is she the daughter of the lightest mountain" The flower bit the corner of her mouth deeply and said angrily "What's her name" 。