A powerful wave formed between his hands just look at the overflowing energy I believe that under this blow even a planet will be torn apart of course the planet here refers to the kind of unmanned star without defense devices in order to prevent super masters from fighting and injuring civilians all the inhabited stars in the Sun and Moon Empire are equipped with defense devices once the energy is greater than a certain range The defense device will activate itself absorb the overflowing energy and then strengthen the defense to achieve a virtuous circle As soon as Li Luo raised his hand a black energy ball came out of his hand and countless tiny black lines appeared in the space crossed by the energy ball It was clear that the space could not withstand this powerful energy and there were cracks Li Luo proudly watched the energy ball fly to the iceberg with a smile on his face but his smile immediately stiffened on his face An old man in a white robe suddenly appeared in front of the iceberg and reached out to catch the energy ball sent out by Li Luo As he gently clenched his five fingers the energy ball disappeared with a "poof" sound

After destroying the energy ball the old man casually printed his palm on the iceberg and the frozen ice which was much harder than steel turned into powder under his palm The broken army fell into the old man's arms and the old man blinked to Li Luo and disappeared in place in an instant! Looking at the place drum spill containment where the old man disappeared Li Luo was still trembling all over and kept saying in his mouth "Too strong too terrible too strong too terrible" Only when we reach the realm of Li Luo can we realize how terrible the old man is Although it is not tall it contains energy that can easily destroy all matter In the eyes of others he has stepped on the altar in his eyes even worse than ants want to destroy themselves the other side probably only need to move his little finger No not a pinky Maybe just a look that's enough Lived for more than ten thousand years until today met this old man Li Luo felt deeply powerless at the same time but also found that the original self but just sit in the well and watch the sky! Broken army clearly see everything happen but he can only be a spectator even if frozen in the black ice he can also do some struggle but until he fell into the hands of the old man the body can not move the mouth can not speak

Has become the meat of the slaughter! This feeling makes the broken army very uncomfortable I am the master of everything this idea has penetrated into every cell in the body of the broken army he has been doing so but now everything has broken his firm belief he has been forced to bow in front of absolute power even life and death can not control themselves! Excessive resentment let the broken army unexpectedly did not realize since fell into the hands of the old man his primordial spirit actually stopped burning and in the continuous slow recovery The old man carried the broken army forward as naturally as a leisurely step but every time he took a step the scene in front of the broken army changed plastic pallet supplier A few times later the broken army discovered a surprising fact that every step of the old man took him to a different planet Crossing a planet in one step is far beyond the scope of human beings which can really be called "God" Spanning more than a hundred planets but in a little more than a minute the old man took the broken army to a water planet composed entirely of oceans The old man led the broken army to fall to the sea and when the sea met the old man it automatically separated to both sides

Looking down from a high altitude the whole sea seemed to have been cut in the middle and the sea water was divided into two parts and rolled to both sides After being taken to the bottom of the sea by the old man the broken army found that it had its own world The mountains are rugged the rocks are grotesque and all kinds of strange creatures with both land and water characteristics multiply here The old man led the broken army to a cave mansion in the mountains under the sea which read "Langya Shuifu!" After being brought into Shuifu by the old man the broken army found that the whole Shuifu was surrounded by an invisible shield and the sea water could not penetrate into it at all! Seeing the exquisite objects in Shuifu again the broken army finally knew what the real Crystal Palace was! All the scenery is natural and there is no trace of knife and axe

But the layout is not disorderly at all and every thing taken out can be called the most brilliant art treasure In contrast the original crystal cave of the Geocentric Dragon is a typical garbage dump Walking to a bedroom the old man stood out of thin air waved his hand and threw the broken army onto a crystal bed in the room The broken army seemed to be stuck leaped up from the bed fell to the ground and turned to look at the crystal bed Broken army with the power of the five elements basically has reached the level that every soldier is hard to get spill plastic pallet close to fire and water are hard to invade but just a contact with the crystal bed broken army feel all over the blood will be frozen no not only blood even the primordial spirit is almost frozen What the hell is this It's even colder than absolute zero which claims to freeze everything in the world! "Although the ice bed is not a top treasure it also cost me a lot of effort Although your primordial spirit has been saved by me it has hurt the root

You must use the power of the ice bed to stabilize it otherwise it will be difficult to advance in the future!" As the old man spoke he waved his hand and the broken army fell back on the crystal bed and it seemed to press a mountain on the broken army's body making it difficult for him to move Volume 8 Star Yao Zhongzhou Chapter 174 Six Samsara A (Part 2) Unable to under the broken army only to mobilize the energy of the whole body resist the ice bed issued by the cold in the confrontation of the broken army found that the extremely cold ice gas constantly into his body and constantly forced out by his exercise in the process some impurities in his body energy were also forced out of the body although the energy has declined slightly but the quality is more pure than before Moreover his primordial spirit was tempered by the gas of the ice and he was much stronger than before The body gradually stabilized into a virtuous circle the broken army had time to ask the old man "Who is your excellency" Why did you save me Although the broken army has been sure that the old man has no malice is the other side saved himself but think of the other side's strength is strong enough to save the soon exhausted yuan Shen the broken army in the heart for a while plus the broken army has not believed that someone will be kind to hair for no reason nothing gallant is not rape or theft! cnplasticpallet.com