"Empress" Kneeling in front of her was the slightly mature An Pin Rong Si nodded and looked at the other three women either thinking secretly or bowing their heads in silence She ordered the three of them to go with her to take care of Mu yuanxiu She even arranged a schedule starting with Rong Si followed by Lu Changzai Qi Guiren and Huifei When the order was over Rong Si left the women and went to Mu yuanxiu first As soon as the little eunuch who had been waiting at the door for a long time saw Rong Si coming he immediately brought over the medicine and porridge that had been warm for a long time "Empress" "You call a few people to come together and I want a strong one" “…… Well yes Seeing collapsible pallet box that the little eunuch had received the order and walked away Rong Si smiled and pushed open the door of the hall and went out This time Mu yuanxiu did not go crazy again Instead he was leaning on the bed and reading a book with the light of a luminous pearl on one side

Knowing that she had come in he did not even lift his eyelids and looked like he was ignoring her Rong Si did not care but put aside the bamboo box containing the medicine and sat down again without speaking Seeing her like this Mu yuanxiu frowned and immediately threw the book aside "Where is the medicine" I want to drink the medicine you should not be the heart black hand poison not to let me drink the medicine so that I have not been good Seeing him like this Rong Si chuckled Do you dare to laugh at me "I dare not Well come on drink the medicine drink the medicine" Rong Si went over opened the bamboo box scooped up a spoonful blew it and handed it to Mu yuanxiu's mouth "Drink it" "You" Mu yuanxiu frowned at the smiling Rong Si always feeling that she seemed to be up to no good "Before she could open her mouth

Rong Si's forced medicine pouring method went online again and when she saw the opportunity she poured the juice into him" Oh drink the medicine come on drink the medicine be good drink it "Rong" Ahem You want to die Ahem Rong Guifei! Before Mu yuanxiu had fully spoken his words of condemnation someone knocked on the door of the hall at the other end Rong Si said something and a group of little eunuchs crowded in looking quite tall Report back to the imperial concubine that I have brought her "All right wait" Before Mu yuanxiu could react Rong Si immediately got up pinched his nose poured the rest of the medicine into it and then pushed him onto the bed Yung Si I want your life! "Why don't you come" "Rong Si looked at the little eunuchs behind her who were already somewhat stunned" Yes Yes "Yung Si!"! What the hell do you want Mu yuanxiu roared Who would have thought that the next second Rong Si suddenly deceived himself and gently pressed his shoulders with both hands collapsible bulk container "Shh don't talk" Mu yuanxiu froze You are so smelly now and the house is also so smelly I ask them to take you out to clean a little first and then ask someone to clean the house If you have chickenpox you can take a bath and wash your hair Just ask them to act gently "Really" "Of course I asked the doctor" "But I can't see the wind" God knows

Mu yuanxiu has long wanted to clean it and the most important thing is that the smell in the room is so bad that he can't control his anger for a while I know that's why I asked them to help "Help with what" Mu yuanxiu was a little puzzled and his eyes were simple and childish It wasn't long before Yung Si pulled out her ears and heard that Mu yuanxiu foldable bulk container was going to kill her nine clans Nothing else She asked the little eunuchs to wrap him in a quilt and wrap him into a cylinder shape just like she had seen the first concubine to serve the emperor in some Qing Palace dramas Fortunately there was no such habit in the Great Wei Palace otherwise Mu yuanxiu might really destroy her nine clans But in this way Rong Si saw Mu yuanxiu's whole body was stuffy in the quilt still shouting abuse at her inside the voice was somewhat inaudible but it was very energetic

"Yung Si I'm going to kill you You wait for me When I'm ready I must abolish your position as an imperial concubine and send you to the cold palace Oh Yung Si you wait for me Yung Si" Later because the other side had been carried away by the trembling little eunuchs Rong Si could not hear clearly leaving her standing by the door smiling all the time and then glancing at the other little palace eunuchs who were already in dementia "Why don't you hurry in and clean up change the quilt and gauze curtain for me as well as the emperor's clothes and change all the used things for me" All the doors and windows are open for a change and the emperor won't wash them for too long Do you know that you should move quickly plastic bulk containers Hearing the words of the imperial concubine the eunuchs and palace maids said yes as if they had just woken up from a dream and then moved quickly For a moment they did not even know whether the imperial concubine was favored or not But the emperor said he would kill her Why was she still laughing and not afraid at all Forget it forget it they don't understand the things of the people above clean it well first!

When the cleaning here is over the ventilation is over and Mu yuanxiu over there has finally been cleaned unexpectedly Have you been carried back Rong Si sat on the railing at the entrance of the hall and the half-eaten apple in her hand almost fell into the pond She thought Mu yuanxiu was clamoring so much that when she came back she also thought of other ways such as using a sedan chair or something who knew that she had changed a new quilt and was carried back You're not addicted are you When Mu yuanxiu sat cleanly on the fragrant bed the smell in the room also dispersed a lot his mood finally relaxed a lot but when he remembered that he had been carried around by the little eunuchs with quilts without any imperial majesty he could not help but put all these accounts on Rong Si's head When all the little eunuchs were gone Rong Si came in with a smile How's it going It's a lot more comfortable isn't it Rong Si went straight to Mu yuanxiu's bedside and helped him tie up the gauze curtain on one side but who knew that the next second his wrist was suddenly pulled hard by Mu yuanxiu and they immediately became a man up and down and his hands and wrists were pressed tightly on the bed by Mu yuanxiu Yung Si! Did you really eat the heart of a bear and the courage of a leopard Do you really think I dare not kill you 。 cnplasticpallet.com