He said "It is said that one person does not serve two masters and one person does not serve two masters You are a descendant of the Su family and you worship the spirit at the same time You have made a big mistake in Xuanmen" Qin Shou doesn't say it's okay As soon as I said this I said with a wry smile "Can I say that I am not a descendant of the Su family" "You're not" Qin Shou slightly raised the tone No wonder since he knew me he always knew that I was a member of the Su family mixed with zombies and made friends with Xuanmen people so he naturally thought that I was a descendant of the younger generation of the Su family But everyone was wrong I haven't learned any of Su's Taoism since

I was a child Before I did not know the Su family is Xuanmen inheritance from the mouth of Huier know it is very natural conditioned reflex think that their qualifications are too poor so not qualified to know Like Su Linger I'm afraid I'll never know the secret of my family But then something happened I began to understand this more and more loose Rong Qi said that I have good aptitude perhaps to encourage me Ye Qun said that my aptitude was good maybe he didn't want me to lose heart Mui said that my aptitude was not bad maybe it was superficial politeness But when everyone says so I have to guess is empty cosmetic tubes Su Miaoer's aptitude really so bad No no I Su Miaoer am not without qualifications But why don't the elders lead me into the Tao Could it be that they expected that I would not be destined to practice the orthodoxy of the Su family but would worship the spirit of the female statue Have to say this question let me instantly open my mind and before some always hazy things actually strange suddenly see the light If if my hypothesis is right Does the Su family know about the appearance of the jade statue Everything seems to have entered another maze but I know that this topic can be terminated and if we continue to discuss it it will be a mystery Subconsciously I touched the Cold Moon Sword that I had been carrying with me It was left by my mother as well as the spell in the bag and the Baicao

Dan all of which were the deep love and recognition of the elders of the Su family for me but they never seemed to reveal anything to me from beginning to end About the inheritance of Taoism and Dharma in the Su family Everyone continued to repair in situ for a while Old Xue's son of a bitch has probably gone in from here but we're not in a hurry now that we've come here Qin Shou slowly dried his clothes and put them on again We're almost done At this moment we are standing less than five meters away from the underground river we just climbed out of The cave overhead is still high And the space is much bigger than I thought before Because the underground river did not stop here but continued to spread forward With our flashlights on we began to move forward along the river bank and because of the light we all seemed to be crossing the river by feeling the stones But Rong Qi has a bright eye at night so he went to the front the other hand holding me behind me is Ye Qun and Xiao Heng Qin Shouduan We walked like this for about ten minutes cosmetic plastic tube and Rong Qi who was in the front suddenly stopped What's the matter I asked A stone tablet appeared in front of it Rong Qi said lightly Qin Shou immediately looked at the past with a flashlight and found that there was a stone tablet on the road ahead of us but it was probably too old and covered with a thick layer of moss but the words on it were still clearly visible

What does it say The light of the flashlight was so bright that I couldn't see it clearly for a while Besides it was a traditional Chinese character For an illiterate like me it took a long time to recognize it The afterlife Rong Qi spoke softly At this time Qin Shou and Ye Qun also saw clearly this stone tablet as expected wrote the word "netherworld" The road to the afterlife Xiao Heng said jokingly Because the world knows that the road to the afterlife is the road to death and the road taken by the dead is also the way to the underworld Now there is suddenly such a stone tablet across here is it telling us that further on it is a dead end But obviously these two words alone are not enough to deter later generations Besides if you say the afterlife is the afterlife the real way to the afterlife is in the underworld Not to mention that we are all monastic even ordinary people may not believe it Keep going but be careful I have a bad feeling about this

” When Rong Qi said this Xiao Heng looked behind him and asked us "Now that we have passed the road to the afterlife will the next one step over the Forgotten River" That's what the book says I raised my eyebrows lightly Although the Xuanyin Taoist priest who raised the corpse here has been separated from us for centuries they are all descendants of the Yellow Emperor and their thinking is probably not much better Since this place was named Huangquan Road by him According to this way of thinking the next one is not to forget Sichuan pump tube Qin Shou smiled and said "What kind of logic is this Is it difficult for that Xuanyin Taoist priest to regard himself as the King of Hell and to judge people's life and death" "Who can say that" Ye Qun said a sentence As we spoke we had already crossed the stone tablet with the word "afterlife" written on it and continued to walk forward with one foot deep and one foot shallow Also do not know whether we guessed right or that Xuanwei people really conceited to compare themselves to the King of Hell in front of our eyes actually appeared the first stone tablet It also says in traditional Chinese characters

"Forget Sichuan" "Well isn't that a lookout platform" Xiao Heng stretched out his hand and pointed See the open space as expected higher than a small platform if you do not look carefully perhaps you may not find And if we want to cross this forgotten river we must also step over this lookout platform It's kind of interesting Qin Shou raised his eyebrows Lookout as its name implies is a place for those lonely souls who have stepped on the afterlife to look back at their hometown and even many ghosts shed tears here There seems to be something strange about this table Xiao Heng you go up Qin Shou ordered a sentence Xiao Heng stared "Why me" Volume III Chapter 315 Evil Ghost Platform "Because you are the most handsome among us" Qin Shou said casually Che I don't believe you 。 emptycosmetictubes.com