In the accumulation of nearly ten thousand years the Holy See itself has reached a terrible level This is not surprising a force that can be passed down for thousands of years and now the Holy See is still firmly occupying the position of the first force in the mainland which in itself is an absolutely extraordinary thing In the past ten thousand years there have been numerous overbearing forces that have tried to challenge the hegemony of the Holy See but in the end these forces have been annihilated and ended The only remaining force that seems to be able to compete with the Holy See is the worship of Vulcan Of course this is only a little bit to contend with in fact if not in recent years the Vatican has taken an uncharacteristically inclusive attitude whether the worship of Vulcan can be spread to this day it is still unknown As a empty lotion tubes force that has always occupied the first place for thousands of years the master of the Holy See can be described as unfathomable In the legend every generation of popes is already the strongest on the continent

The reason why it is a legend is that for so many years every generation of popes has basically no chance to make a move except for thousands of years ago when the contemporary popes had made a move There has been a saying circulating on the mainland that when the Holy See needs the Pope himself it means that the Holy See has reached the most critical moment and is not far from extinction Although this sentence proves the strength of the Pope on the other hand it can also be clearly seen that the number of masters within the Holy See has reached an unfathomable level Because of its great power the Holy See was divided into an inner court and an outer court The outer court in fact is a common representative of the forces of the Holy See on the mainland responsible for all affairs such as missionary work and the number of people in the Holy See is also the largest such as Bishop Brad who actually belongs to the outer court of the Holy See The strength of the outer court can already be said to be the peak of existence on the mainland but the most terrible thing about the Holy See is still the inner court Legend has it that the Vatican personnel who can enter the inner court are selected from some extremely outstanding personnel in the outer court otherwise they will have absolute loyalty to the Vatican and their strength will be even more formidable

The inner court is very mysterious and no one on the mainland can tell exactly what the real strength of the inner court is but it can be seen from a branch of the inner court Knight of Light! The absolute nine-level super strong man is from the inner court of the Holy See! Although the number of light knights on the mainland is not large but almost every one is worthy of the strong like the light knight Colin that Liu Feng saw at the beginning is one of them The division of labor within the Vatican is also very clear not everyone in the Vatican is a suitable hatchet man in fact the Vatican especially many people in the outer court although the strength is not weak but because of the reputation of the Vatican there perhaps after many years of practice there is not even a chance to shoot

Today the people of the Vatican brought by Katerina obviously belong to this kind Although these people's own strength can also be regarded as strong but they simply do not have the mentality and experience of the strong can be said to be a pseudo-strong once really fighting play out the combat effectiveness may not be comparable to those who are not strong pump tube but have experienced numerous bloody battles So to see this group of guys one by one fear of the appearance Liu Feng is not surprised but to see Katerina is still a face of indifference Liu Feng more confused up What is the purpose of the Holy See sending such a group of guys who obviously play the role of cannon fodder to participate in this mission Is it just to get these guys killed With the unique fanatical belief of the Holy See even if these guys commit suicide I'm afraid it's a very easy thing so why bother Liu Feng does not want to understand but at this time there is no chance to ask questions can only put this doubt in the heart It has to be said that Liu Feng's endurance of curiosity has increased a lot no way this period of things experience is too much

Now for example what does Bowker mean by putting on such a thousand teams It seemed that it was because Bowker valued the sacred object of Navarre but when you think about it it was not the case at all Since Bao Keming knows that there are some overbearing forces and then play the idea of sacred objects then there are many ways to avoid confrontation but Bao Ke did not choose but made a big show of this posture which is unusual in itself It was even more unusual for the pontiff to know that Bowker was sitting like this but also to make these aluminium laminated tube dozens of people play the game of mantis arm as a car Fortunately now that Liu Feng has decided to stand on the sidelines first and then try to find a chance to fish in troubled waters if there is no such opportunity simply leave no matter what tricks the two sides are playing at this time has little to do with him

Leisurely looking for a comfortable position Liu Feng simply lay down biting a grass root in his mouth looking very leisurely and the tension around the people formed a sharp contrast as if the goods are not to rob things but to visit the mountains and rivers in general As time went on the army of the Eastern Legion was getting closer and closer to the valley the sound of hooves had begun to ring clearly and the breathing of the Vatican people had begun to become more and more heavy and rapid Jeff and Simon also lost their original appearance red eyes holding their weapons tightly in their hands a look is nervous to a certain extent And two people's eyes also kept staring at Liu Feng it seems that really do not understand the same is the same person why this guy's state of mind is so good unexpectedly can be like nothing to do with themselves Attention everyone listen to my orders for a while and then release magic together our purpose is not to kill this group of soldiers as long as they are slightly delayed for a while! Seeing each other getting closer and closer Katerina finally had a look of anxiety on her face looked at the sky looked at the distance and whispered Hearing Katerina's order all the people in the Holy See were stunned Obviously at first the order they received was not like this