Lin Xun who has already honed his combat experience is naturally able to capture this imperceptible detail Hateful! How dare you go against us little man You don't want to live "Don't think that with the help of a strong man in the cave you can be lawless You are playing with fire!" On the ground Xiao Fengru Shi Zhan and Chang Ziheng looked angry and roared loudly They were forced to custom cosmetic packing kneel down which made them very ashamed and angry and their faces became very ugly They did not believe that Lin Xunzhen dared to kill them and because of this even if they were forced to kneel at the moment their attitude was still extremely arrogant Lin Xun stood up with a smile and said casually "Zhu Laosan watch out for me Whoever dares to get up will be the first to kill You don't have to ask for my consent" Zhu Laosan nodded in silence And Xiao Fengru's three faces changed again this guy Do you really dare to kill Just when they were wondering Lin Xun had already paced forward He bent slightly and looked at the three men kneeling on the ground and said "It's the first crime that you deliberately came late to challenge my patience when you made an appointment to visit at noon" "When I entered the main hall I didn't know how to bow down to pay my respects but I turned the tables and humiliated me with vicious words

From beginning to end I never restrained myself This is the second sin" Hear Lin Xun count before the festival that Xiao Fengru and other three people instead dark a sigh of relief in the heart sneer is really a naive young man do you still intend to convict them Joke! They are from the side forces of the Lin family even if it is punishment it is not his turn to punish a young boy! And in their view the more Lin Xun takes these bullshit reasons to say things the more it proves that Lin Xun simply dare not act against them unscrupulously! They thought bitterly in their hearts that when they had the chance later custom cosmetic packaging they must give this little thing an unforgettable lesson for life! But Lin Xun said to himself "As the Lord of the Heart Washing Peak I am the only heir of the Lin family but you have committed the following crimes You want to force me to give up the power of the clan and sign an agreement to betray my ancestors This is the third crime" "The fourth crime is to humiliate the loyal uncle to have a bad attitude and to behave in a perverse and domineering manner" "The fifth sin is that you as a guest minister of a side branch frequently provoke and trample on my dignity and regard the clan rules as nothing" Speaking of this the smile on Lin Xun's lips disappeared and there was a touch of cold and cold in his deep black eyes "No matter which charge" he said softly "I have every reason to put you all to death!" Xiao Fengru had been suppressed and knelt down but Lin Xun did not take the opportunity to humiliate and fight back nor did he retaliate by cruel means He looked calm and wanted to do things according to clan rules as if he would never get angry which seemed very abnormal But when he witnessed all this

Lin Dahong who was sitting next to him felt cold all over and felt an unprecedented sense of oppression Not afraid of unscrupulous madman afraid of calm to indifferent cold pervert! Obviously Lin Xun at this moment is such an image in Lin Dahong's mind But Xiao Fengru they obviously did not realize this when heard all this they more and more concluded that Lin Xun certainly did not dare to kill them polyfoil tube otherwise which need to find so many reasons "Boy" said Xiao Fengru with a sneer "you talk a lot of nonsense If you dare you can kill us at once If you dare not you can let us go" …… Chapter 0342 strong counterattack "Yes do it if you dare!" Shi Zhan and Chang Ziheng who were kneeling beside them also sneered and their eyes were full of resentment The practitioners of Linghai are now forced to kneel on the ground which makes them feel ashamed and indignant to the extreme But Lin Xun suddenly smiled and said "Your guess is right I have listed so many reasons I really don't intend to kill you right away" Hearing this Xiao Fengru and other three people all became more and more fearless But Lin Xun's next words made them look like they were struck by lightning But the death penalty can be avoided the living crime can not escape the abolition of your cultivation to show punishment is enough

” As soon as the words came out even Lin Dahong could not help twitching in his heart It was too cruel Where was the punishment It was ten times more cruel than killing them! If a cultivator loses his cultivation he will not only become a useless person but also lose the power to survive and all the status and honor he has! This is the most terrible blow Think about it if Xiao Fengru's eye cream packaging tube cultivation is abolished how can they have a foothold in the three side forces of the Lin family The greater the power the more brutal the internal competition as a guest minister deacon can indeed be called incomparable style but if the cultivation is abolished identity status and enjoy the treatment will be deprived one after another! At that time which big power will support a few more useless people Xiao Fengru three people are obviously aware of this at the moment are a pair of panic the appearance of the dead completely confused sense of propriety Nope! You can't do this! If you do this you will be completely hostile to the three of us and then your consequences will not be much better! Xiao Fengru screamed Lin Xun I come here not intentionally to embarrass you but to receive orders involuntarily you You mustn't put the blame on us Shi Zhan was completely panicked and trembled Chang Ziheng however was so frightened that he looked pale and lost his mind and could not even speak Look at their appearance at this time and then compare their previous arrogant attitude so that

Lin Dahong can not help but feel a touch of joy fortunately he has been looking on coldly not directly involved in this trip to the muddy water otherwise Lin Dahong shivered all over and dared not think any more Lin Xun smiled and looked at the ugly faces of the three people on the ground and there was a touch of indescribable disgust in his heart Zhu Laosan do it Lin Xun waved his hand How dare you "I'll fight you!" Xiao Fengru and others completely collapsed like crazy will jump up with Lin Xun as a threat make Zhu Laosan throw rats and avoid weapons But without waiting for them to make a move the killing machine that had been firmly hanging over them suddenly became stronger!