It was not until the evening that the two men returned to the suburbs near the capital Tang Xiaoshan deliberately hid mingled with the crowd of officials and walked into the capital He immediately rushed to Dajizhuang The gate was destroyed and now it was only separated by wooden boards Swept into the inside all the sword-refining furnaces were extinguished not a single employee was cosmetic tube packaging seen half of the hall collapsed scattered tiles everywhere and it looked very awkward Tang Xiaoshan looked and sighed that he shouldn't have brought the battlefield to the capital and hurt Dajizhuang He called softly to the Villa Leader but there was no response so he had to follow Yu Shuang'er to the hall Tang Xiaoshan began to pick things among the hanging weapons collapsed walls and cabinets Because Dajizhuang has recently made a lot of hidden weapons he likes things like fine needles which can be used instead of underwater needles when necessary After searching for a while he grabbed several boxes of hidden weapons and put them into the cup When Yu Shuang'er noticed someone she turned to see who it was It turned out to be Villa Leader Shen Jianji She laughed and said "

Tang Xiaoshan is back!" Shen Jianji felt relieved and rushed over "What's the matter Shaoxia" He asked anxiously Unexpectedly attracted the fierce monk they point out to want you you go to solve otherwise Dajizhuang only closed the door! "Don't worry" said Tang Xiaoshan with a smile "I'll find them to solve it I'm here to tell you that everything is all right You'll start work tomorrow As for the damage I'll ask them to pay for it" "You don't have to spend any money to destroy these things" said Shen Jianji "It doesn't matter if you don't pay for them But you've provoked a ferocious spirit If you can solve it you can solve it Otherwise if you avoid him you won't have to lose your life" "I'll deal with it myself" said Tang Xiaoshan "Next time someone comes you'll say I'm practicing at the foot of Longyin Cliff on Miaofeng Mountain It has nothing to do with you" "Remember remember" said Shen Jianji "Be careful!" Tang Xiaoshan answered the cicada and then said goodbye and left On the way Tang Xiaoshan asked "Where did you say Leng Xiaoqiu and others were caught and trapped" Yu Shuang'er said "It's like the Guandi Temple at the Gate of Justice Because Huang Degui's mother was a member of the Gate of Justice she was also arrested" "

Where is the cat" Asked Tang Xiaoshan "He's anxious to find someone to buy a sword" said Yu Shuang'er "He's been missing for two or three days" Tang Xiaoshan sighed and said "This guy should change his name to Money Cat He wants to make all kinds of money But that's all right He has escaped the disaster Let's go and save people!" With that he and Yu Shuang'er sneaked to the Guandi Temple on the east side of the city A few turns the temple is near Tang Xiaoshan has seen someone guarding the door inside the constant shouts probably in the confession Tang Xiaoshan could not help frowning looked at the terrain chose an ancient Nan tree near the left sneaked through the treetops separated by more than twenty Zhangs and saw four people tied to the stone pillars in front of the temple They were Leng Xiaoqiu Li Xinxin Huang Degui and the fat Huang yuanyuan Their clothes were broken and they saw blood stains They should have been whipped In the square I saw the tall and thin Xuanyi Lama pacing back and forth wildly Whenever he had a chance he would whip him The hostage immediately cried out in pain Another long whip danced but no one could be seen Maybe the short monk was too short to see it! "Don't tell me where Tang Xiaoshan is tonight" the thin monk said angrily "From tomorrow we'll kill one person a day and see how long you can endure" "We really don't know plastic cosmetic tubes " said Huang yuanyuan with a bitter face after suffering the disaster for no reason Before he had finished speaking the dwarf monk whipped him angrily and scolded him "Fart! You're all in the same group Don't you know" Not only that boy but also the son of the God must confess otherwise he will cut his tongue and gouge out his eyes and throw them into the mountains to feed the wolves! Huang yuanyuan was in pain and shut up for a moment

She dared to be angry but did not dare to speak out She had to admit defeat and murmured "Ah Gui I was hurt by you miserably I have nothing to do with Tang Xiaoshan Don't you know he is in big trouble" Huang Degui gave a wry smile and said "I didn't bother you I just ran into you by accident Don't worry I have inspiration Master will definitely take care of this bastard!" Before he had finished speaking the dwarf monk whipped him Angrily rebukes "In front of the family also dares to speak I should chop you is you help Tang Xiaoshan to do evil in that bird array this account has to calculate!" tube lip gloss Suddenly he whipped several times in succession so that his skin was yellow and expensive and his flesh was cracked and he cried out in pain Tang Xiaoshan looks really not taste this boy is loyal do not save him can not be justified He thought to himself "I'll rush in later and you'll fall from the roof and go to save people Then you'll run away first and I'll lead them out of the city and break them down one by one"

” "But the demon monk is very good at martial arts" said Yu Shuang'er hurriedly "Can you stand it" Tang Xiaoshan shook the sword in his hand full of confidence "With it ten demon monks can't stop it Just prepare first!" Then he slipped under the tree and sneaked into the Guandi Temple At his wits' end Yu Shuang'er could only cooperate so he stole the nearby roof and prepared to save people Approaching the temple Tang Xiaoshan changed his mind and said with a smile "Bastard monk aren't you looking for me" I'm here and I have the metal cosmetic tubes guts to come out! As soon as the words came out there was a commotion The hostages were surprised and shouted that reinforcements were coming The two evil monks were even more delighted The enemy finally appeared "Guard all around and don't let the hostages be rescued" the thin monk said hurriedly The dwarf monk shouted "

People are outside Be on guard!" A group of killers in white are guarding the door Yu Shuang'er however was puzzled Why did Tang Xiaoshan shout out when he said he would make a sneak attack! Suddenly Tang Xiaoshan did not rush to the gate nor did he sweep into the wall but went around to the alley next door Long Yin's sword suddenly pulled out and the cold light flashed He cut fiercely into the huge wall and the sword immediately entered the scabbard He raised his hand to hit and with a loud bang a wall ten feet wide and three feet high collapsed and the killer in the courtyard in front of the temple was in a mess Tang Xiaoshan drank even more and his body rushed away like electricity How could the thin and short monks know that the solid and thick wall had been broken Stunned they were hit by the scattered bricks on the wall The pain made the two of them roar wildly and violently and their bodies retreated Tang Xiaoshan was even more impolite He hit the two monks with his hands and banged them down to the ground Seeing this Huang Degui immediately shouted "Master is really brave!" Before he had finished speaking the dwarf monk fell to the ground and rolled over but he was still able to send his palm to sweep back Tang Xiaoshan did not notice for a moment but was swept and half of his body shaking and retreating "Long time no see" he laughed Suddenly he drew out his sword and cut the rope near Huang yuanyuan's body Suddenly he shouted and scattered Suddenly the sword jumped up several feet and sounded several times The ropes on Huang Degui Li Xinxin and Leng Xiaoqiu were all cut off Four people are soft fall to the ground but Huang De-guan is full of energy