"I've thought about it carefully" He said "It was you who promised me double cultivation first Although it was verbal it was also a covenant" Now that you have been captured it is unlikely that you will be released You might as well follow me I bit my lip discontented and angry He smiled and didn't force me He just suddenly became nice to me in every way He move out of my room and stopped bee forced to sleep with me every night At the same time I began to send all kinds of gadgets to please me and every day I personally brought night snacks to ghana seed extract eat with me well sweet osmanthus dumplings One day however I finally broke through and walked out of the attic I am like a bird breaking free from the cage with the joy of rebirth As soon as I walked down the street I ran as fast as I could with only one belief to stay away from that terrible place However I was soon faced with another kind of despair I found myself in a completely unknown place surrounded by winding streets rice shops taverns inns which seemed to be no different from the ordinary capital but I could not get out of this place This is not a city is clearly a labyrinth! To add to my horror it suddenly seemed as if all my charm had lost its effect and I tried to ask the inhabitants of the city for help but they were very indifferent and disdainful of geography

And when I was so hungry that I threw away my dignity and stole a steamed bun wrapped around my stomach I was frightened to find that every ordinary inhabitant of this terrible city could casually lift your neck and grab your limbs into the air! On the third day I was dying of hunger There was nowhere to hide so I had to stay on the side of the street A man with a fleshy face looked at me for a long time as if he was afraid of something He looked around furtively but when he found that no one was paying attention he suddenly grabbed me and dragged me to the dark alley All I remember is that I kept struggling until the warm and fishy blood splashed all over me The strong wind at dusk filled the sleeves and blew a stream of yellow sand At the end of the long street the emperor is coming He was dressed in white with black hair and black cloak flying in the ghana seed extract wind He came over like that and looked down at me in a mess as handsome as an ancient God And then reach out to me I gave you a chance and now you're mine You're mine you're mine The next day I found that the emperor hugged me and Haner and spent the night like this When I smacked the taste from the dream the fairy was very guilty and ashamed

I actually in the dream so wanton wanton emperor think this fairy is usually so solid and follow the rules of a fairy unexpectedly in the dream so hungry and thirsty really really unforgivable! However as soon as I returned to reality and found that I was still a cat Ben Xiangu felt that I could still be a little more shameless When I saw the emperor I jumped on him without hesitation meowing rubbing here and there The emperor's face seemed to be gentle and his big hand stroked the hair on my body My son took half a dish of dried fish and sat beside him He turned sideways and looked at me very cleverly and curiously His little face which was usually tied up had some childlike innocence pumpkin seed extract The monster got up combed his hair and stared at the three of us from time to time I squinted lay on the emperor's lap opened my mouth and ate the dried fish handed by my son feeling that life was very complete If it goes on like this it seems good to be a cat However

Heng Qing that fellow soon broke my dream I am sad 42 Early in the morning I saw Heng Qing excitedly holding a big cat with smooth and bright fur and two blue eyes He said excitedly to the monster "Younger Martial Sister what do you think of this one" Although it's big it's very good! As soon as the words fell the well-behaved cat in his mouth jumped down from his hand its hair fluttering and it made a long excited meow at me and its eyes flashed with jealousy and greed Unfortunately reduced to the same kind of beast this fairy naturally saw this fellow took a fancy to this fairy's dried fish The fairy's stomach was not yet full and immediately she was greatly dissatisfied so she let out a longer and sharper meow than it Although the cat was very provocative it seemed to be afraid of the emperor and did not come over but looked at him covetously The demon smiled and picked up the big cat The cat was still struggling As soon as his hand was smooth his whole body trembled and he dared not move any more

"Well it's a good cat too It's a male and it just matches the little flower" "Yes yes!" Heng Qing clapped his hands This This is a crying shame The fairy could not hate him because of Heng Qing's foolishness but she was still very dissatisfied and squinted at him with a long cry As soon as Heng Qing looked back he found the three of us in the room Looking at our happy appearance he stared "What are you doing" He burst out laughing and said "Why did the Second Younger Martial Brother suddenly raise a cat" Why are you staring at me Yes the emperor is staring at Heng Qing this fellow I felt very gratified that I didn't know the wrong person and kept rubbing my head against the emperor Heng ghana seed extract Qing was quickly pulled away because the monster proposed to go out to practice the sword He chimed in vigorously Elder Martial Brother let's go out to practice swordsmanship The monster blinked his eyes and asked the emperor I'm not happy to go out But the emperor nodded his head My son stretched out his hands and picked me up I licked his little hands Ji Gang has returned to the primordial spirit and has gone to sleep in the Dharma body When I asked how

I could reawaken Ji Gang both the emperor and Heng Qing shook their heads at me as if they were not very clear Ji Gang can no longer guard Huiyin Mountain his several wives and concubines naturally have to be properly handled Earlier he saw the emperor turn a phantom body of Ji Gang with a piece of paper carry a pile of gold silver and jewelry in the warehouse and distribute them to the girls to disperse I really cried and cried for a while Therefore when we arrived at the back garden the back garden which was usually full of warblers and swallows was quiet Si Tan used to dislike me As soon as he saw the monster waving his sword he picked up the sword and went forward to fight alone Heng Qing was about to go forward to entangle and teach the emperor to stop Elder Martial Brother don't you think Third Younger Martial Sister is a little strange Heng Qing is stupefied "What meaning" "I suspect that this man is not the Third Younger Martial Sister" 。 prius-biotech.com