"It's time for breakfast There are still five classes to go until noon If you don't eat breakfast you will be really hungry" Lin Cha thought about it and let the person she admired so much starve She felt distressed just thinking about it Lin Cha told the truth "If you don't eat I'm sure I'll spend the whole morning thinking about whether you will be hungry and uncomfortable When the time comes you will have no mind to study" Min Jingfeng listens to this word it is really angry to gnash one's teeth this person speaks how to let a saw palmetto extract person cause misunderstanding so easily Lin Cha is also ready to continue to persuade the other side to eat breakfast the results found that the other side of the head of the dark gray halo of the God of wealth has returned to normal Lin Cha looked at the changing aura of the God of Wealth "" It is said that girls' minds are changeable and I think boys are the same When Min Jingfeng saw Lin Cha looking at his hat he realized that Lin Cha had gone to the hospital

At that time Lin Cha's parents thought that he had faked it in order to be with him and he thought so at that time Now it seems that it is true! Lin Cha didn't lie at all So when Min Jingfeng saw her looking at his hat his first reaction was whether Lin Cha wanted to touch his aura of the God of Wealth again Min Jingfeng swore a moment ago that he would never take off his hat and never let anyone rub against his aura of the God of Wealth Because the world is not worth it! At this moment Lin Cha did not say anything but looked at his hat Min Jingfeng pretended to take off his hat unintentionally and then touched Lin Cha's head With a calm face he said "Come here every day and I'll touch your head" Lin Cha blinked "Huh" "Didn't you say you had to touch your head every day" Min Jingfeng is not happy to say "Such an important matter I have not seen you on the heart" Lin Cha did tell Min Jingfeng about his constitution but in fact never really deliberately to find Min Jingfeng every day to give her luck she is purely in need and then will go to find Min Jingfeng Originally Min Jingfeng did not take the halo of the God of Wealth seriously at all and naturally did not take her own constitution seriously but now he knows and naturally recalls that Lin Cha usually pays less best green coffee bean extract attention to her own affairs than to outsiders Lin Cha was touched feel today's Min Jingfeng really good strange see Min Jingfeng has gone to the front immediately ran to catch up with him Didn't you just say you didn't need the halo of the

God of Wealth Lin Cha ran after him and asked strangely Shut up Min Jingfeng became angry from embarrassment for a moment Lin Cha oh walked beside Min Jingfeng and stopped talking Min Jingfeng saw that she did not speak turned his head and saw her head down He Was the tone too strong just now A girl like Lin Cha should have never been scolded by anyone since she was a child The last thing so big her parents and brothers are still coaxing her although hate him but still obedient to her mind to find their own past But he scolded her because she asked one more question Is she crying with her head down Thinking of the way Lin Cha used to cry Min Jingfeng opened his mouth a little awkwardly and said "I didn't mean to scold you just now" Lin Cha looked up showing a smiling face of eating steamed stuffed buns lutein eye complex "Ah" That expression is probably "did you just yell at me" When Min Jingfeng "…" Chapter 17 gossip Lin Cha ate the steamed stuffed bun the preparatory bell over there had already rung Lin Cha ran up even if he ran but also pulled Min Jingfeng to run together "I'll be late for a while!" Min Jingfeng ran with her When did Lin

Cha the delicate little princess walk out of her little castle At least Min Jingfeng had never seen this person eat while walking before let alone see her rush to catch up with the bell Have lunch together at noon! In front of the teaching building Lin Cha panted and hurried up to the second floor and back to his classroom Fortunately at this time the head teacher has not come to the classroom Lin Cha sat down in his seat with the book in his arms Next to him Yue Meimei immediately came over and said "Cha Cha I have something important to tell you"

” Lin Cha took out the Chinese book then turned her head and saw that Yue Meimei's expression was very serious She was a little strange and asked in a low voice "What's wrong" "Cha Cha I told you not to be angry" "What do you say first" When I came to class just now I heard them talking Yesterday Min Jingfeng was caught by the police and went to the police station It seemed that he was collecting protection money Do?you?know Policeman Police station Protection money What's all this and what Lin tea immediately remembered she and Min Jingfeng did go to the police station Zhao Qian they things how to pass into the protection fee was arrested by the police into the police station Why are these people fenugreek saponins talking nonsense Lin Cha was very angry for a moment But she also knew that Yue Meimei was listening to others so she patiently explained in a good voice "No I was with him we had something or he called the police" This matter is really not easy to explain the halo of the God of wealth is not easy to say and the boy handed out leaflets in the end what is the matter why will attract the attention of the police she can not explain and the police also let them temporarily confidential do not leak the news Yue Meimei has long been used to Lin Cha's excuse for Min Jingfeng for everything but this kind of thing is different from before

Yue Meimei said "Cha Cha you really can't degenerate like this You see you used to study hard every day and have a good plan Now you can't find anyone all day long and you don't eat with us" Lin Cha was about to explain when the head teacher came in and she could only start reciting the text However Lin Cha can not recite the text she suddenly back a cold if she is not determined to check the three people it certainly will not spread these rumors right Think of Min Jingfeng will also hear these words Lin Cha's heart suddenly pulled up he must be very sad No it's really not sad at all prius-biotech.com