Liu Jun is now in Ningbei County the two bodyguards can not be too ostentatious After the reconstruction of the national highway The car is moving very fast In less than three hours we arrived at Qiushui Hotel in Baozhou City Wow another Qiushui Hotel Liang Dong how many hotels does your chain company have in the whole country now When Yu Guoxun got out of the car he looked up and saw the familiar sign of the Qiushui Hotel He could not help asking with emotion "There are already nine rooms in operation six under construction and four being gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract prepared for construction" Liang Qiao and Jiang Dan explained the situation Yu Guoxun suddenly felt dizzy Ordinary people need not eat or drink for a year to save money to stay in the top luxury presidential suite of Qiushui Hotel for one night The little girl actually said that she already owned nine such luxury hotels and that ten more would soon be built in big cities all over the country To what extent is this wealth huge Yu Guoxun is a scholar

I really can't imagine that the speed can be a little faster Within three years Seize all the first-tier cities in the country Liu Jun added casually Okay bye Qiaoer gently promised read back the most cut chapter language to shy Piz Hongqu Pic Shan "Qiaoer" Liang Shaolan came out of the lobby of the hotel and gave her sister a hug with her plump arms Then he let go of his hand and looked Qiaoer up and down It's getting better and better Liang Shaolan exclaimed Sister you are getting more and more beautiful Qiao said with a mischievous smile Go go compare with you my sister will be old If Qiaoer is dressed up like a student girl the 30-year-old Liang Shaolan is a typical rich lady dressed up with a long purple dress a black and shiny purple shawl and a glittering diamond necklace on her high crisp chest Yu Guoxun was once again stunned by a pair of stiletto shoes that made his plump figure extremely proud He had heard Liang Qiao mention that he had a sister and he could also expect that such a beautiful sister would not have an ordinary sister But both sisters were so dazzling so beautiful that the heart swayed and the eyes dazzled It was so unexpected God's love for the sisters It's too much Xiaojun here we come Liang Shaolan saw Liu Jun more or less some unexpected surprise Liu Jun hasn't been to Jizhou City for a long time Sister Shaolan This is not popular

This will be fascinating Liu Jun smiled and adjusted the roller way As he spoke he glanced at Yu Guoxun If this can be done Professor Yu will be lucky in love You just make fun of Sister Shaolan With Qiao accompanying you who else can charm you After several years as general manager Liang Shaolan is no longer the original "Wu Xia Ameng" to speak and act All of them show the style of everyone Now that the eldest brother has acquiesced in the relationship between Liu Jun and Qiao Liang Shaolan no longer has any scruples Sister ghana seed extract let me introduce a friend to you This is Professor Yu Guoxun who came to see you specially from Nanfang City Qiao son grinned tunnel Liang Shaolan was stunned

What do you mean you came to see me from Nanfang City Do I know him well How does this girl speak without thinking at all Where does she look like a billionaire boss Loose talk! But Liang Shaolan is also well-informed At that moment he did not want to lose his courtesy and stretched out his white and plump hands to Yu Guoxun "Professor Yu" he said with a graceful smile Hello "Hello General Manager Liang!" Professor Yu hurriedly took Liang Shaolan's little hand Bend slightly and jujube seed powder bow Although do not know Liang Shaolan's specific position but since Liang Qiao's sister call a "Liang Zong" will not be too outrageous Look at Liang Shaolan's posture It is also a role that can decide major events in a word Qiaoer made a face at Liu Jun happy like a child Liu Jun shook his head with a smile Look what the "matchmaker" has done! It is far worse than the level of the flower sister-in-law Both sides of the blind date are still in a muddle

Although Yu Guoxun came for a blind date he would never have thought that what Liang Qiao was going to introduce to him was this noble and elegant lady sister who was as beautiful as herself In Yu Guoxun's mind how can such a woman wait for the word boudoir that also must not give the person who proposes marriage to step on the threshold Qiaoer's object is this "mysterious" Xiaojun Liang Shaolan's husband and I don't know how powerful the role is "Sister we came a long way you won't let us stand at the door of the hotel" Qiaoer is naughty and authentic I can see that She is really very happy Liu Jun then secretly prayed in his heart I hope that day and night his Qiao son can be happy lutein and zeaxanthin supplements forever as today Wang The monthly ticket is over a thousand This is the first time the pie has won this honor! Thank you for your great help! With three days to go before the end of the month please continue to support the pie Don't let the pie fall in the last three days! Thank you! Chapter 479 Kochi is also "leering" … Tijun has been a "matchmaker" once before and her level is very low But the effect is very good ×s! 5 says 5 5 first States

Wu Zhengxuan and Liu Yan have reached the stage of marriage and it is estimated that they will get married next year Unexpectedly Qiaoer's level of matchmaking was not above him at all and it was also a very good dish She didn't even know how to talk to Liang Shaolan Liang Shaolan took the initiative to ask about her The presence of the chairman of the board of directors to inspect Baozhou Qiushui Hotel is a top priority for the staff of the hotel Liang Shaolan received a phone call from Qiaoer yesterday and made full preparations Although they are brothers and sisters they can't be ambiguous in official business Liang Shaolan should at least prove to her sister that she is not the one entrusted A hotel in Baozhou Qiaoer did not give Liang Shaolan shares but shared 40% of her dividends It was stated that 10% of them should be allocated to Liang Guocheng and his wife on time Today the richest man in Fenglin Township Xiangyang County is Liang Guocheng who left Daning City in the morning and arrived in Baozhou almost just in time for dinner Xiaojun Qiaoer Professor Yu shall we eat first Talk after dinner Liang Shaolan asked with a smile Well I'm not hungry but I'm afraid someone will be very hungry Qiao son a pair of wonderful eyes only on Liu Jun's body urged a narrow laugh