Seeing that she was about to be killed by the young man with a wooden sword in front of her the Blood Frost Concubine suddenly sent out a very shrill scream and her appearance was no longer as soft as it had begun and became as miserable and horrible as a fierce ghost With one screech after another the cloister and the gardens around it clattered as if in response as if sticks were knocking at each other as if something dull had collided Be careful stand in the middle of the corridor don't fall out of the corridor The color of the mulberry leaf extract weight loss water under the corridor is very abnormal and it may be poisonous Burning Yan held a shield to protect Culolo and several people stepped back to the intersection of a porch in the cloister which was two or three times more spacious than other places barely enough for a group of them to stand Soon the source of the noise appeared-it was the bones of the Wulin people they had just seen along the way They all got up from the ground and walked towards them like some skeleton soldiers

The huge base number filled the corridor on the dark green water in an instant Amitabha It was the first time that the four monks had seen the resurrection of the corpse and they were a little dumbfounded for a moment Burning and Culolo had no adverse reaction to this kind of thing Culolo looked around and ordered "Let's go out and go to the opposite side of the corridor first It's too narrow here" Not only is the cloister itself very narrow but from time to time there are green and rotten bones floating on the surrounding water Obviously the water is poisonous but the bones are not afraid of poison Stay on the cloister again even if you can beat these skeletons if they start to tear down the cloister sooner or later they will lose their foothold and fall into the water As soon as he thought of it the burning flame took the lead with a shield while Culolo summoned some shadowy tentacles similar to whips to drive away the skeletons in the way

The other swordsmen followed closely behind the burning fire crossing the last few hundred meters of the corridor and heading for the other side of the water However there were too many skeletons and bones along the way and Rao was careful and careful but two of the four Shaolin monks still died here-one of them was caught by the other's body when he stretched his legs to kick the skeleton and dragged it into the dark green pool of bones and the other phycocyanin spirulina was not aware of the destruction of the ground when he was fighting and running One foot missed and was dragged into it by the skeletons Qu Benlei's big axe is good to deal with these skeletons a sweep of a large he is also out of the burning and Culolo outside the first to reach the other side but just as he stepped on the ground a relaxed mood it is a sudden change! He had swept away a piece of rotting corpses with an axe but at this time another batch of corpses came in

What was strange was that there was a dog among these corpses! Qu Benlei saw that the dog had no idea in his mind He only said that a martial arts person who was good at raising dogs had left his dog here and become a skeleton manipulated by others He was an axe to the dog and the seven or eight skeletons around him But unexpectedly the dog actually dodged the axe and then the dog rushed forward but suddenly stretched out a sharp knife in the dog's stomach and cut Qu Benlei open! At the moment when he was injured the skeletons around him rushed up and began to bite the red-robed old man lycopene for skin Although Qu Benlei struggled hard his internal organs flowed out and he was quickly torn off by the skeletons He only struggled for a few breaths and then stopped moving It looks like a dog but the dog is actually a person! A man who encases himself in dog skin like a dog! Zhuo Yan saw this scene a few steps away but he could not help the plot character In front of him two sharp swords were flying around him like flying snow streamers He had to muster 100% attention to ensure that he was not pierced or wiped out by the two swords with exquisite swordsmanship Zhuo Yan's opponent is two people two people with a sword one of them is white as if it is

Ximen Chuixue but he is not Ximen Chuixue first of all because Ximen Shuixue will not only have the appearance of early twenties secondly because Ximen Shuixue will not work with people let alone so weak The other man who also used a sword looked more than thirty years old dressed in ordinary clothes with a sad face but also made a good sword Culolo was blocked by an old woman who had as many hidden weapons as a supermarket warehouse With the old woman he was surrounded by an old man with only one hand He only had a palm on one hand but only an iron hook on the other On the other side Suihan and the blood frost imperial concubine's fight had already crossed the distance of hundreds of meters came to the river bank went up to the ground Suihan more spread out rosmarinic acid supplement his skills the fundamental life branch in his hands is long and short sometimes into sometimes into a stick and sometimes into a dagger although the blood frost imperial concubine is agile but still only a martial arts It was impossible to adapt to the mysterious play of Suihan and it was pressed tightly for a while The author has something to say Sorry I stayed up late writing yesterday I forgot that the time I finished writing was already the 6th and

I subconsciously set a day later Chapter 64 sudden situation power failure and network disconnection Due to the power renovation in the community the power will be cut off for 24 hours and today's update can not be uploaded If there is no accident it will not be updated until tomorrow evening I apologize to everyone Chapter 65 Ghost Villa (13) Chasing life was also entangled when he just crossed the stone steps It was a girl with a cold and vigorous face like a leopard holding a spear used by hunters for hunting She was very skillful and quick And Chasing Life is the best at flying skills and this girl is fast to fight fast occupying the advantage-but he is a righteous police chief after all in the face of such a girl who neither knows nor looks like a criminal he can not be ruthless and the girl is using the method of fighting for life for a time Chasing Life was firmly held back