"I understand" Lu Yingxi nodded and answered Perhaps only those who were also born in the imperial family will understand The battle for imperial power is more cruel than any battle Brothers kill each other for the sake of the throne Even if someone is willing to abstain the other side will not believe it They will only exterminate each other in order to eliminate future trouble As far as she knew the second and third princes of the imperial Dynasty the half-brother of Murong Chenrui died suddenly not long before Murong Chenrui naringenin price ascended the throne and the cause of death was unknown This is a royal secret and of course it is claimed that he died of illness "But it is not difficult to guess at the beginning of the storm is how fierce and tragic" It's a pity Ling doesn't understand The emperor sighed softly almost inaudible and added in a low voice "Perhaps she will never understand or forgive" Lu Yingxi looked at him in silence Between his resolute and heroic eyebrows there is a little cold and lonely like a touch of vicissitudes of life dyed by wind and frost which makes people feel pain in their hearts Chapter 26 Bewitching of

Love In the afternoon Nangong yuan came to change the dressing for the emperor Lu Yingxi stood aside in silence and watched quietly Your Majesty this is a newly developed Jinchuang medicine Its efficacy is quite good but it hurts a little when you apply it Your Majesty bear with it Nangong yuan said in a gentle voice and his movements were light and quick The emperor leaned on the head of the bed his brocade robe half open revealing his strong chest The layers of gauze wrapped around his shoulder blade were uncovered little by little and the black and purple wounds were exposed Lu Yingxi frowned slightly The wound was so deep that it looked like a hole in a person's body or a large piece of flesh had been gouged out When will the scab form The emperor asked lightly looking ahead neither looking at people nor at his wounds It will take about half a month Nangong yuan answered taking out the medicine and pouring it on the clean gauze gently covering the turmeric extract powder emperor's wound The emperor snorted perhaps suffering a sharp pain in an instant and beads of sweat slipped down his temples

Lu Yingxi put aside his face without any trace not wanting to witness his pain but suddenly felt a tight grip between his wrists She lowered her eyes and saw that it was a bony hand with blue veins protruding from the back of the hand The line of sight slowly moved up but saw the emperor closed his eyes indifferently his face was expressionless only the cold sweat on his forehead became more and more dense Then she turned to look at Nangongyuan who bowed his head and dressed the emperor's wound intently as if unaware of her gaze After a cup of tea Nangongyuan packed up the medicine chest and said "Your Majesty remember not to use your left arm to prevent the wound from cracking" Nangongyuan retired The emperor gave a low hum and did not open his eyes Master Lu Yingxi made a sound unexpectedly Nangong yuanyuan had already taken a step but when he heard this he could not help having a meal at his feet and dark waves of light floated in his ink eyes Lu Yingxi wanted to send him out but the force on her wrist suddenly increased She felt a shock in her heart and had to say "Master walk slowly The disciple won't see him off stesweet stevia " Nangongyuan nodded and left without a word There was no sound in the huge bedroom for a while and the silence was bewildering The emperor held her hand tightly and never let go but he could not speak as if he did not remember that he was holding her hand at all The emperor She pulled her hand slightly but unexpectedly he clenched it fiercely She glared at him in pain but he still looked indifferent and leaned against the head of the bed like a mountain

Your Majesty is the wound painful She suppressed her anger and asked gently The emperor slowly opened his eyes which were dark and gloomy "Where is the queen eager to go" He asked coldly Lu Yingxi suddenly understood He raised his lips shallowly and replied with a smile "I just want to wring a wet towel to wipe the emperor's sweat" The emperor pulled his thin lips and his tone seemed to be loose and casual "The queen is smart She must know where to go and where is the forbidden place" Lu Yingxi looked straight into his deep eyes His eyebrows were slightly curved and he smiled sweetly "Isn't the emperor jealous" He asked The emperor's eyes suddenly changed but his face became more and more friendly "I'm really jealous" he said softly Just now the queen kept her eyes down but out of the corner of her eye she kept glancing away Lu Yingxi did not expect that he would speak so directly and sharply that he could not help being stunned The emperor chuckled and motioned for her to sit down beside the bed "Don't worry empress" he said "I won't be so narrow-minded

” Lu Yingxi raised his eyes and looked at him at the same level "But I think the emperor is in a bad mood" he said with a smile The emperor actually nodded his head His handsome face was serious and open He said frankly "Actually it's not the first time I've seen the empress get along with Nangongyuan But I don't know why I'm particularly touched today" Lu Yingxi did not speak thinking pumpkin seed extract in his heart he is moody words are difficult to distinguish between true and false now he is using which move The emperor sighed and looked at her helplessly He continued "I really feel that the queen was absent-minded just now I want to know what the queen was thinking" Lu Yingxi was secretly surprised that he was going to talk to her Did he think she would confide in him "I understand that some words cannot be spoken easily" The emperor raised his lips and smiled bitterly "You and I are husband and wife but we have to guard against each other all the time I don't know if you feel tired but I really feel very hard now" "

The emperor thinks too much" Lu Yingxi answered ambiguously "The emperor is wounded and it is hard to avoid physical fatigue He will be better if he has more rest" Whether the vulnerability he showed at this moment was true or not she dared not draw a conclusion But what she was sure of was that she could not be soft-hearted and lose her guard otherwise she would be beyond redemption Well I'm really physically and mentally exhausted and I need to rest With a long sigh the emperor lay down in the brocade quilt "Yingxi come and lie down with me for a while" She did as she was told and quietly turned into bed and lay beside him The emperor lay on his back without touching her "Ying Xi" he said lightly "if I said I might soon fall in love with you would you believe it" Lu Yingxi's body shook faintly and his heart beat steeply "Your Majesty is joking again" he whispered back 。 prius-biotech.com